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Posted on Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 936251a7

Company: NCO Financial Services

Category: Business, Finances

NCO Montreal, QC Canada I've read a few complaints about NCO and am glad I'm not the only one at least. Back in Feb of 2005 I spoke with Robert Beleza from NCO and told him I would like to work out a settlement. This wasa to be $322 over 5 months, which is not the full balance, but the amount they were willing to accept. I paid the $322 a month in good faith. After my July payment, I called just to make sure they have the final payment and what I should be expecting in terms of notification. Mr. Beleza assured me that the account was settled and that I should be receiving a letter by August 1st. Well, yesterday I get an obnoxious phone call from a Sarlan Tahir who demanded the remaining balance. I told him that this account was settled, but he would not hear any of it.

He told me that I would be paying it, period. In fact, he called me three times that day, each call more obnoxious than the last and it became threatening. I called his supervisor later, Melissa Sullivan, who told me that she has to research because it appeared that Robert Beleza tried to close my account, but could not. Bottom line, NCO lied! I'm so furious I don't want to pay another penny; however, it seems that they have me against a wall. I'm certainly not entering into an agreement without getting in writing from now on. They are simply not trustworthy. But, what to do from here?? Hugh


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