Irresponsible service by ICICI for Credit Cards

Posted on Wednesday, July 20th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 8ac9f245

Company: Irresponsible service by ICICI for Credit Cards

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Irresponsible service by ICICI for Credit Cards


I am a regular customer with ICICI and have used various products with these people. But now I am highly frustated with their services and need some forum where this can be addressed. These people are not accountable at all. Isnt there a place where our complaints could be heard and action taken against these people ?

Here is what happened.

I happened to shop for about 15000/- on my credit card and next day I received a call from a ICICI credit card sales rep if I wanted to convert it into a Loan (I dont remember what figures he gave me, they were pretty good otherwise I wouldnt have gone for it. But I am not going to contest that.). I said yes and I have not had a sigle transaction without any hassle since then.

My loan EMI started, and i was getting charged the installment, Interest, service tax ... So it is definetly not a good idea to go for a loan and definetly not on your credit card.

After about 6-7 months I decided I dont need this loan and called them up to foreclose it. Simlpy mailing them wont do (fair enough so i called up from USA). Since I am located in USA now but because they have no system to address my concern, I have to make an ISD call to their IVR which sometimes takes at least 15 minutes to go through. They dont have a system where you can directly talk even if you have a complaint id etc. Anyways after several mails etc and maybe i talked to 4 people on 4 different occasions and was replied back by 3-4 different people. I was confirmed that my loan has been foreclosed (of course they charged me 2% for that too). In fact they came up with figures due to which i overpaid around 3500/-.

Now I wanted them to return my money in my account which I overpaid and foreclose once and for all. I called up twice for that and also got a confirmation through email that it is foreclosed and there is no pending balance. I am shocked to see that not only have they not returned my money in my account. They have not closed my loan and are infact charging me not only EMI but also interest, late fee etc.

I am compeltey fed with ICICI now and want to know is there a way some action can be taken against their response ? Because even after so many advances new technology it seems we are still living a defeatist dream. Chalta hai kind of attitude.

Any suggestions would be a great help.

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