Bad experience with LA Fitness in New York

Posted on Tuesday, July 19th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 9181b0f4

Company: Bad experience with LA Fitness in New York

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Bad experience with LA Fitness in New York

I am totally disappointed with LA Fitness. I had complaint to their head office and explain to them that I had some bad encounters with their staff at the New York branch, and I was asking for immediate cancellation of my membership because I fell that I was harassed by the rudeness of their staff. I am affraid of going to the GYM and being treated that way again.

Unfortunately the fitness center reply me that the policy require 60 days to process the cancellation, so they can't do anything about it. So I ask them am I supposed to waste my 2 months membership fee just like that, the customer service guy said yes. I told him I understand about the policy but don't they make exception for cases like this because I really kind of scared by my bad experience with them.

However,I just do not understand that fitness center is such a place that is supposed to promote healthy life style and beside also is a business facility, I don't go to the GYM for free, I paid my membership fee every month, so I am their customer. When a customer had made a complaint, don't they should try to understand why such complaint exit and isn't that the solution should be place upon the customer needs.

I told them I will never want to go back to LA Fitness anymore, yet they just letting me pay the 2 months fee while they are processing my cancellation request. This is really a bad experience, however, there are so many GYM out there...I had regreted so much for choosing LA Fitness.


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