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Posted on Saturday, July 16th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by dc937170

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Category: Other - Online Landlord Services, a web-based company that offers landlord services for a fee, operates apparently without accountability. I signed up for this service in June of 2004, and now have found that they automatically renew your service, without notice, whether you want it or not. I found the $49 charge on my VISA account, and I did not want to renew. When I questioned this business practice, I was told that they would cancel my subscription and refund the $49.00 charge. This was on June 21st, and since that time they have continued to give me the run-around about reversing the charge. I have an e-mail dated June 21st indicating they would reverse the charge, which should have taken only 3-4 business days. It is now over 3 weeks later and they keep telling me it is “being processed.” I have wasted long-distance calls trying to get them to act on this, and each time it’s the same story “in process.” I finally contacted VISA to try and resolve the matter, but they give the offending organization from 30-45 days to “respond.” Meanwhile, I have not been able to use the service and yet have not been reimbursed for the fee. The corporate executives’ names do not appear on the website, and there appears to be no one “in charge” that can help me. The person who keeps answering the phone at (317) 244-0322 will not let me speak to a supervisor or manager. When I try to get an executive, the recording has you “leave a message.” The only name I found on a press release article was Amanda Maramba, Business Analyst and division head at (317) 472-0101, Ext. 224. She apparently has little time to receive calls, because after numerous calls, she’s never available to answer the phone. I hope you will print this so that others can learn that if they take advantage of’s service, they will do it at their own risk—and will have little power to dispute any charge or get anything accomplished. I believe this company uses unethical business practices to secure clients, and they have little regard for customer relations. Marilyn

Prescott, AZ

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bc4f6128, 2008-06-09, 02:36PM CDT

I realized this as well when i ask them not to automatically charge me without asking they agreed but yet still do it every year! Cause of this i just use them

6ddca957, 2010-09-23, 12:03PM CDT

I am having the same problem... billed twice in 6 months $79 (each time) for an "annual" fee. Call center representative Deidra says supervisor isn't in and she doesn't know when he will be in. After 3 days still no return phone call or return email. Also nobody is there who can cancel my account. And guess what Diedra doesn't know when that person is due in either. Please..... Company now goes by Allied Credit Services and

9de78959, 2011-01-22, 07:55AM CST

I too was charged an annual fee of $79 for a "Premium Account" which includes their software and forms. I did not sign up for the Premium Account. I only order credit reports and pay as I get them. I have tried emailing, calling and faxing Allied (Xi2010) and after 3 weeks they have not reversed the charge. My Bank is researching the charge. Xi2010 has now locked my accunt so I cannot even use it. Until now their services were OK, but something has gone wrong. Dierdre is not answering my calls. I am thinking of using for $9.95 credit reports.

4fd6e4b2, 2011-06-10, 08:05AM CDT

Same thing happened to me. I signed up for Screening Only in 2007. They charged me $79 in Jan 2011 and again in Feb for an annual fee. Unfortunately, I used an ACH withdrawal. I had to stop payment on future withdrawals and disputed the charge. My bank denied it. They said I authorized it. I did not. I am out $158.

32c21c29, 2011-12-01, 09:02PM CST

I have the same experience. I got charge $79.They were doing direct ACH transaction thru my bank because I paid using my check before. I have to cancel my bank account and change everything since I have direct deposit from my work to the same account. It was major pain.... or

They are bunch of crooks!

Stay away!

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