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Dear Hi!! Here is the company against which I have a complaint and a copy of the recent e-mail I sent them below:

5225 NW 89th Drive Coral Springs, FL, 33067 (888) 396-6838 (Quantum Inc.) E-mail: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74636# Web site: Some months ago my wife Cindy Levitt ordered the Bolivar Cabinet humidor – product AU1000 – from you for me for Father’s Day. You actually sent her a notice on 8 June (to COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_74637#) that the “order will be processed and we will ship it to you in two business days.” You listed the price as $388, with $27.16 tax, $9.95 shipping, for a total of $425.11, which I note was promptly charged to the provided credit card. When we subsequently called after the unit did not appear, we learned from you that “we made a mistake…your order is not here…it will take 4-6 weeks…and we made a mistake on the shipping…it will actually be $147.00 to ship the unit.” It has now been 6 weeks and despite several e-mails and telephone calls to you, we have heard nothing. We have family in your area who is willing to pick up the unit from you, rather than incur the enormous shipping charges, but we have not confirmed from you that the unit has arrived and is being held for us. I don’t like the fact that the shipping charge was changed after the notification and that the complete charges were added to our credit card and yet we have no product and no contact from you despite several efforts to contact you by telephone and e-mail. We need to resolve this matter promptly and equitably before we will have to adjudicate this transaction. Thanks for your help in publicizing this matter

Morton Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_45406#


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3c17c242, 2008-05-13, 11:52AM CDT

Where you from?

I have order a humidor and the ship adres was not correct

I send 3 e-amils and no responce

did you get the humidor, and is the probleme fixed?

I like to know before i pay the bill

M. Kleevens

3ca452ca, 2010-12-13, 05:08PM CST

I agree with this post since I have just incurred the same situation..I ordered a product from this website and the price on my receipt from them is different than the price charged to my credit card....after writing several emails over the past 2 weeks and leaving several inquiry was never I finally spoke to a live person from this company and my concern was rudely brushed aside...I had to call my credit company to dispute the difference that appeared on my receipt from my credit card I have my original receipt from this vendor...I am fully prepared for any rebuttals.

836cd19b, 2012-05-10, 02:20AM CDT

I have a similar situation like you from this website. I have opdered a cigar humidor and after a month I have received a humidor that was not what I have ordered. I called them and emailed them many times. Once they answered my call saying that they will post me the correct one. I have received nothing.

Is there any website I can make an official complain and someone take case of this?

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