Steak-N-Shake - Poor Service

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Company: Steak-N-Shake - Poor Service

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Steak-N-Shake - Poor Service

Steak-N-Shake - Kendall Store # 0479

I was part of a group of 6 that visited store # 0479 located at 8701 SW 157th Avenue, Miami FL 33193. We arrived at approximately 5:15PM. Our waiter I believe was Sergio.

The following are some of the many problems me and my group encountered (PLEASE NOTE THIS WAS A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION!):

Restaurant was very dirty (tables not cleaned for our entire dining experience)

It was apparent that there were either training or staffing issues because no one was busing the tables

When we were seated, the table was not properly set, no eating utensils

When our waiter did take our order, I just had a gut feeling that it would not be served as requested.

When our server came with the first part of our meal, he did not have for everyone that was ordered. Items were delivered bit by bit.

We had to keep asking our server for eating utensils and napkins. He did bring 6 forks & knives along with some napkins but placed them in a pile on the table we were seated at. No spoons for our shakes! I personally had to get up from my seat and go to the area where they plate the orders and get spoons myself.

When the server came with the remainder of our meals my they were not complete or were wrong. French fries sure don't look like cheese fries to me!

My order was a combo meal (double bacon-cheeseburger with onion rings and a bowl of chili) the chili came first, then the cheeseburger. The onion rings and my banana shake was missing. I brought this to his attention but nothing really happened. They were delivered when we were finished with our meal. Please note that my banana shake was delivered in a 'to go' cup. It was obvious why..the tables had not been cleaned and the restaurant obviously ran out of clean glasses. Since my two meal items were not delivered when they should have been, I advised that I would not pay for these.

All during our meal I was disgusted and even spoke to the manager twice who did absolutely nothing. He just stayed out of sight even though I strongly urged him to come out to the dining area to see the filth on the surrounding tables. He just didn't seem to care.

When we went to pay, we had to wait a very long time and almost walked out of the store without paying. If the manager didn't care, why should we?

Nonetheless we did pay after having the bill adjusted to meet our needs...not tip was left either because I had to take charge and provide service to our own table!

Other observations:

Diners at other tables with other servers seemed to get their orders promptly and correctly. Only diners that had Sergio as a server were getting upset and had to get up themselves to get straws and even demand service

One of he cashiers seemed to be missing a marble or two. He was a short guy with one ear piercing in each ear. The piercing holes were about the size of peas for you identification. He seemed to be walking in circles.

The store manager also seemed to be lacking customer service skills. Not once did he apologize for our dining experience or attempt to make it better in any way. An apology goes a long way.

I would have completed the comment card but it didn't have enough space for this information.

If you care about your customers, I would really like for someone to contact me personally to further discuss this matter because I feel that I wasted my money during this dining experience.

I can be reached at the address or phone number listed below.

Thank you for your time!

Part II;

Good day!

On April 3rd my party of 6 visited restaurant # 0479 and the service and cleanliness of the store was so bad that I sent an e-mail to this address on April 4th. As of this date (one month later) I still have not had the courtesy of a response from your corporation at all. This leads me to believe that you do not care about customer feedback which strikes me as funny since you have comments/suggestion feedback forms at all tables.

Nonetheless, the same party of six visited restaurant # 0479 today, May 8th. Unfortunately things were worse than before.

Upon entering the restaurant we observed the same things as before such as:

Restaurant was very dirty (tables not cleaned during our entire dining experience.

It was apparent that managers at the restaurant are more concerned with staying behind the scenes rather than walking about to se the condition of the restaurant.

When we were finally seated, only place mats were at the tables and we had to ask our sever to wipe down he tables and seats because they still had debris on them. Some seats even had gum on the top of them for which nothing was done.

I had to ask our server for utensils and napkins.

We placed our orders without incident. However, when the cups/bowls of chili were delivered to the table we all noticed that the chili was not hot. Not even close to warm. We ha to send all the cups/bowls of chili back to try again. When they were returned a second time, they were still not hot. Again, they were sent back. I personally refused to try again while other requested that their chili be placed in the microwave in an effort to be heated properly.

One of the members of our dining party had to go speak to the manager who obviously didn't care because things did not improve.

One member of our party ordered the 5-way chili. After a few minutes our sever, Miguel, came back to advise they were out of pasta so my friend had to replace his order for something else. I don't understand how the server was not aware that there was no pasta to be had or even how the restaurant can run out of this popular item.

When My order was delivered (deluxe-cheddar and bacon) with onion rings I took a bite of the onion rings and they were not hot. Then I took a bite of the burger and it too was luke warm and not hot. I sent it back.

All during this time the dirty tables still remained...DIRTY!

When we went to pay we refused to pay for 4 cups of chili and 2 bowls of chili because they were substandard.

Other observations:

It was obvious that the manager remembered our party from our previous visit because he kept staring at us. But again, he did nothing to ensure that our dining experience was one that would ensure our return.

Our waiter Miguel (the bigger Miguel) was good and did his best to keep us satisfied. Please note that he was the only one who apologized for our inconvenience. Not once did either of the managers in the restaurant make any attempt to apologize which may have made a difference.

The grill area where the hamburgers, etc. are cooked was filthy, floor and all and not all food preparation was done with gloves.

Although the restaurant was not full, there were plenty of severs just 'hanging around' doing nothing while the tables were filthy with the remains (plates, glasses, etc.) of previous diners. This is not something that diners wish to see.

There is always something for any employee to do at any time...even the managers who do nothing and hide in back so they don't have to deal with the public.


Please note that we will be calling the Dade County Health Department tomorrow to advise them of the filth and the temperatures the food are served which we truly believe contradicts proper food service technique.

I will also be calling your toll-free number tomorrow to discuss this because I truly believe that you have a serious problem with this particular store.

You should consider sending an anonymous 'shopper' to see first-hand what goes on in that store.

Either offer further training to all levels of employment at this restaurant in customer service and proper food handling and cleanliness.

As stated in my previously unanswered e-mail I hereby request that someone contact me personally to discuss this matter. I can be reached at the phone number listed below.

Please note that I have taken my time to share my thoughts and observations....the least you can do is show me that you care.

Copies of this letter will also be sent to your board of directors and CEO for their information.

For your information I have worked in a customer service environment for a major cruise line for 20 years. I also provide monthly feedback to senior management (CEO, COO, etc.) about the comments our guests provide us whether they be positive or negative. This information allows us to monitor our product and make appropriate changes.

Thank you for your time.

I first spoke with district manager Steve Chisid who promised he would send coupons. Two months later I received them after my follow-up...not his.

Because I never heard from anyone I pursued this matter further and spoke with regional manager Ed Daniels on May 25th. I had to repeat the story of my two visits to the restaurant. He promised he would call me back within 30 days from that date and invite the party of 6 back so we could enjoy the restaurant. He never called me back despite my leaving him 2-3 messages on his voice mail. Pam at the corporate offices has never returned my calls either.

Howard Click this link to e-mail the message author: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_45389#


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906db0ed, 2008-02-08, 01:37PM CST

Did you bother to think that maybe he brought the shake in a 'to go' cup because as you had said, the meal had finished? Maybe he thought that you'd like to take it to go...

6a8171c6, 2008-06-04, 07:36AM CDT

this lady sounds like your typical restaurant bitch who enjoys to create conflict. if you didn't like the service a month ago, why would you return to the restaurant. Other people obviously have no problem with what you call a "disgusting" restaurant. I run into people like this all the time at the restaurant i work at, they just like to complain for complaining sake. Here's a suggestion: don't go to this restaurant ever again. I'm sure the staff would not miss you as you are most surely rude and you admitted to no tipping.

c458eec9, 2008-09-08, 11:19AM CDT

She's rude?? I have news for you if I order a burger, fries and a shake I want all three together or at the very least I want my shake first..I do like to sip on something cold while I eat..if I wanted to eat my burger first then my fries then drink my shake I want it to be MY choice not the waiters or the waitresses! My Partner and I also had a dumb as a box of rocks waiter..once! First he brought me a small Pibb I ordered a Partner ordered a small shake she got a large Sprite..we corrected the order with him..after he brought us our correct drinks he then delivered my chili, but forgot my Partners she had to ask for hers..twice, he kept walking away and forgetting it..I waited for her Chili to arrive before I began was then we noticed no crackers or eating utencils..instead of flagging down our useless waiter my Partner got up grabbed 2 place settings and returned to our table..then useless brought my salad, but no dressing..I had to remind him to bring me my dressing which he forgot not just once, but twice..then he brought us our burgers my fries was missing he had to go back and get them..we finally finished our food got up and went up front to pay..and guess who was working the register? oh yea, We walked up set our ticket down took out our money and what do you think he starts doing? He starts counting out his Partner said we are ready to pay..he looks up puts the money back inside the register closes it then walks away without a word to us, one of the other waitresses looked up at him said "what do you think you're doing?" he said "going to the bathroom", without a word to anyone about us waiting by the counter to pay, what he was really doing was walking over to see if we left him a tip..he actually looked down at the table as he walked past it..the waitress apologised to us and gave us a discount we paid, and yes we left without tipping him..not once did we lose our tempers, we were polite at every turn, but there was no way in hell we were gonna give him a tip..not after what we went through!

a04f0c1f, 2009-07-02, 02:38AM CDT

Lighten up. Servers are humans too. I'm sure that you've made a mistake at least once in your life.

c7111d7e, 2009-07-24, 10:14AM CDT

I deal with rude bitches like you on a daily basis...

Like others have said if the service was that poor, and the restaurant was that filthy then why would you a month later after getting no reply from anyone about your first complaint go back?

People like you make no sense, I sure as hell would NEVER go back to the same restaurant that gave me such "poor" service. Obviously it wasn't that bad... Hell where I live there are 2 Steak n Shakes withing 15miles of each other. You live in Miami, I'm sure there are plenty other Steak N Shakes.


5e0e78dc, 2010-03-26, 07:01PM CDT

For the gal that works in the the restaurant: Of course you would stick up for the box of rocks because you both work in the food service industry. No one in there right mind would leave a tip for service like that. You can't tell me say that you wouldn't get upset about service like that. I would have left a nickel though, just so the waiter new that I didn't just forget and this was all he was worth.

86aea460, 2010-08-21, 04:18PM CDT

I live in Mo, a few days ago I vistied one of our local steak n shakes. First a non speaking american came over the drive-thru- intercom, I knew then this was going to not go well. My first item, a single steak burger, w/ onion/mustard/relish and pickle took almost 2 minutes for her to get right, I could not understand her. I said mam never mind I'm coming to place my order. I did go in, one they had "NO" relish, great 11 am and no relish, got my burger without it. Fine, I ordered several other items, in which my onion rings and fries were cold plus!...tasted very greasy (old grease), soggy, I knew then the oil was not hot enough, soggy/ greasy fries and onion rings are gross. The only thing that was ok....there was a straw for my flat, hardly any ice Pepsi!!!!!

08af3acd, 2011-03-20, 09:16AM CDT

it comes down to this...

You're an idiot.

If you walk into a busy restaurant (tables dirty, people running around, visibly shorthanded) and expect to not get "short" service and "short" food, you are dumb (wrong, stupid, insane, etc).

If you have left the store without paying, it would have been theft. Calling it anything else is lying to yourself. Wait your ass in line until someone can help you. If everyone is busy that might be a clue as to why things didn't go well today. Someone, or more than one, probably decided not to come to work today... welcome to your minimum wage workforce.

Virtually everything you complained about is irrelevant and you are just looking for excuses to complain. From the fact that the cook wasn't wearing gloves (most casual dining restaurants don't require gloves AT ALL, but since SNS has a drive-thru I imagine they fall under the "fast food" health code rules)

Chili is a side dish, and comes out before the meal in almost every restaurant in the country.

I steak and shake advertises "Hand dipped milkshakes" meaning some schmuck has to sit there and scoop hard ice cream to turn it into a milk shake, then spin it... there's a limit on how fast that can go.

Trying to contact a corporate person for a restaurant chain of over 400 locations is retarded... The people at corp don't care about you! If you have a problem, contact the store! If you think that the people in the store don't know what's going on there you are brainless. They OBVIOUSLY have training deficiency, a problem that isn't easily corrected over-night.

Also, congrats on working in the complaint department for a CRUISE LINE! I'm sure all those people who just had a relaxing vacation on a boat where the employees can't call off of work because THEY'RE STILL STUCK ON A BOAT nearly always have a great time. In fact, there's probably so few complaints that you fill the time going to restaurants to complain.

1703484f, 2012-02-01, 06:39AM CST

Wow. You really care that much about the service you recieved at a fast food joint. You really have nothing better to do with your time???

Also, if your experience was SOOOOO terrible, why on earth did you go back?

Seriously, if you want a fine dining experience, go somewhere where the main entrees cost more than $3.99 :)

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