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Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by a66de67a

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Rave Hairspray

Dear Complaints.com, I have been a consumer of Rave Hairspray ever since I have been using hairspray. Which would be about 18 years. The old Rave was fabulous. Almost one year ago they changed the label and nozzle and it failed to worked properly. Not only did it create a helmet head style from the large nozzle, the hold was not holding because it made my already thick hair too heavy. Then shortly after they released the new bottle, the original hairspray was back, still in a different can, which at first detoured me. But luckily I noticed the new wording, "The Rave hold is back". This was a great day for me, my family and friends. Finally, my hair was looking good again and I could leave the house. I am well know for my hairspray. At Christmas time I receive a case that lasts me about 6-8 months depending on how many functions I have. Once the old rave returned I happily received a case of hairspray under the Christmas tree which I recently ran out of. The new product is back and worse than ever. Why, I'm not sure. Didn't they learn their lesson the first time.

What is Suave thinking. Obviously not the consumer. Yes, sometimes the old can would get blocked and sometimes warm water would unclog it but at least I knew I could run to the store and get a new can. The makers of the products should know Rave is used as a styling and hold hairspray giving you a nice shiny look. When too much hairspray sprays out and makes your hair wet when your trying to style it, that's not good. Then when you leave for work and your hair feels soft and flat you get in the car, that also isn't good. Finally, I usually don't need my face to feel stiff form hairspray. Please go back to the small nozzle hairspray. I can't believe the rumors that you change the ingredients of the product. I think the negative affects are from the large nozzle. But I can't be sure. But then again, I'm not sure if Suave has always owned this product.

It think it use to be Johnson's. Personally, I think Normal Suave smells good but what's the point. Maybe it works for people with a natural flowing style. But trust me, if your using Rave that's not the look your going for. Whatever you changed please change it back. I have been a life long customer and will continue to use Rave as long as it makes my hair look great. I have wasted a lot of money trying to find a hairspray that works and even a $15.00 can from my hair salon does not work like the old Rave with the small nozzle. Please change back before I decide to shave my head or buy a wig. Even a wig probably wouldn't work since I would have to style it with something. I will not waste anymore money on Rave until the small nozzle returns. Maybe your next quote could be "ooops we did it again, this one should work"! Sincerely,

Not happy with soft hair.



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453c29d0, 2008-02-11, 07:06PM CST

My complaint, Is that I too don't like the new Rave, and I was wondering what was wrong with that nozzle. Now I know. I too am having the problem of my hair being too wet, and I don't have thick hair. Also, me being a short petite person, having small hands, I only like to use the 8.5 bottle. And of course I can't find it anywhere. I don't think the person who designs these products takes into consideration that not all people can wrap their hands around that 14 ounce bottle. I hope someday soon I will be able to purchase my favorite hairspray once again. 8.5 unscented 4X mega Rave hair spray. Thanks, Kathy

9aba8177, 2008-02-20, 07:44PM CST

Umm....it is 2008, who still uses hairspray? Why would anyone not want soft hair? Wow, you guys must be from a trailer park down south in hick town...stuck in a time warp.

Mall bangs...mullets...spiral perms...i bet you are a bunch of lookers.


3154b560, 2008-04-21, 05:56PM CDT

I am having problems with the new nozzle too. I have used Rave for several years and now the nozzles wont spray correctly..They seem clogged but even after I rinse them with hot water..It wont spray. I think this will make me move to a new brand

732d27d7, 2008-08-18, 05:06PM CDT

Glad to see I'm not the only one. I bought 2 bottles a couple of weeks ago. One for me and one for my husband. We were in the same bathroom most of the time so we just used the same bottle. I would use I don't know how much out of the bottle and it was like water. It would soak my hair and leave it wet and flat. I used the other bottle this morning and it did a better job. What are you people doing to the rave formulas? Leave them alone. You know the old saying if it aint broke don't fix it. Get the hint. Rave user but maybe not for long.

9ccdeb25, 2008-10-27, 10:20AM CDT

i love rave.i tease my hair like crazy and it keeeps my hair in place just fine

c458eec9, 2009-01-19, 11:41AM CST

What is with the trailer park comment? for your information dick lick I happen to live in a trailer park in Fla. and I have never used hair spray on my hair?? Your comments were not only insulting, cruel, moronic and shows just how low your iq really is..got a tip for ya peabrain next time you open your mouth try to keep your foot out of it!

8fb81b93, 2009-01-21, 08:40PM CST

I completely agree....I've been using Rave hairspray for years and was very upset when they changed the nozzle! After searching high & low for the small nozzle, Rave finally came back with a nozzle that didn't spray all over the room! I became very comfortable with Rave. Now, with this latest change, when I spray it comes out like a fire hose! It's too forceful and gets my hair too wet & heavy. This time I'm really considering switching to another brand...if only I could find one that holds my hair without the weight. Not happy too, Debbie

Anonymous, 2009-08-20, 04:32PM CDT

To Who It may Concern:

I am not complaining about Rave Hair Spray!! My daughter tried out for our County Rodeo Lady-In-Waiting and Rodeo Queen this year...Just last month. During the week that she tried out...I know that I bought AT LEAST 5 cans of Rave Hair Spray!! My daughter was chosen as the 2010 Lady in Waiting and the 2011 Queen for the Eastern Colorado Roundup...for Washington County...Akron Colorado...Look us up on the Internet!!! My question to you All...Would you be interested in Being a Donator to the Royalty program, by suppling a years worth of Rave Hair Spray??? You would be mentioned at functions that the girls go to as a sponsor...they go all over the state of Colorado!! Please respond back...Excited to hear your feedback...


Lady In Waiting's Mother

bd9c4674, 2009-09-15, 05:11AM CDT

I agree but I use nonaresol. What makes me mad is I cant fine the 14 oz bottles they started putting it in lil bottles but charge the same as the 14 oz. I also noticed after I take all this time to curl my hair I go outside and it goes flat or friz and my hair is straight !?! what did they do to the formula. MAan this makes me mad

64d9293c, 2009-10-09, 03:33PM CDT

I am having such a hard time lately finding rave. I go from store to store looking and it is very hard to find. Hmmm? I don't understand. Sometimes the usual stores where I purchase don't even have it. Anyone know where I can find the large aerosol cans? I am a bigggg time hairspary user. I have veryyy curly hair and rave is the only kind that can tame it. Help?

7a57b7b1, 2009-11-02, 10:00AM CST

I am not trying to get anything free from you. I am just upset that rave hairspray is NOT holding my hair or my daughters hair anymore. It seems like it has water in it. We stand for an hour curling our hair and when we go outside it goes flat or frizzy. PLEASE GO BACK to the old rave that you use to sell a few months back??? I want to keep using your product but if it is going to continue doing this then i am forced to try something else. :(

Thank You Kindly,

Marlene ..... [email protected]

2a0f9c1f, 2009-12-06, 11:45AM CST

I'm not sure if this nozzle issue is the same but nearly every other bottle i buy i end up having to throw away because it wont spray, what a shame to have such great hairpsray go to waste!!

9d033103, 2010-02-11, 05:04PM CST

I can't even FIND Rave anymore! I was obsessed with Rave 3, which was the only hs that held my fine, straight hair perfectly all day. When Rave 4 came out 3 seemed wimpier. When Suave took over the product, it was never the same (and I agree the nozzles were a nightmare). Now I can't even find it on the shelves anywhere near where I live. So bummed and miss it everyday. And don't even get me started on what happened to my once-favorite waterproof mascara! Some things just SHOULD NOT change!

3b55a7bd, 2010-04-11, 08:47PM CDT

I am a current user of Rave Hairspray. But not for long. I have very thin fine hair and Rave has always been the hairspray for me. I used to use Rave #3. But then it was no longer in ANY stores. So, I went to Rave #4. I have 3 THREE new and full cans right now and all of them are like being in a shower. The srpay is like putting a sprayer nozzle on a water hose except the spray is sticky. These big white droplets of hairspray come out and gets all over my clothes, countertop and floor and most important it doesn't hold my hair anymore!!!! I use about one can every two weeks. I even talked my husband into using it. So now it only takes about a week and half to go thru a can. Now i've got to go buy several other brands to find one that will work.


An unhappy customer

af3891ab, 2010-06-14, 03:36PM CDT

I also am not satisfied with the nozzle. I have had 3 cans in the last couple of months that get clogged and it won't spray. This is really frustrating when that's all you have to use.

I had to have chemo so my hair is finally back but the top of my hair isn't as thick as the back, so I use Rave to give it some volume and make it look even.

f103d4c0, 2011-05-09, 03:37PM CDT

i have used Rave4 for years...all of the sudden instead of a mist, i get an almost stream...i HATE it.

why was it changed????

and i'll quit buying it.

b07cc120, 2013-03-12, 09:10AM CDT

what happened to rave pump hair spray you put some weird stuff in it called

CLIMASHEILD IT SUCKS PLEASE go back nothing was wrong with the formula , now i have to search stores without this crap in it that works terrible on your hair it just flops down

sets heavy do not like . If I can't continue to fine product without CLIMASHEILD I will

have to find another brand .long time user of product , very unhappy . consumers don't like it when you mess with something thats worked for so long. Michigan consumer

f604701c, 2013-04-12, 08:41AM CDT

I agree....Climashield sucks! I do not like this new formula at all. Please go back to the old formula. It worked much better.

025cef32, 2013-04-14, 12:18PM CDT

i thought i was crazy...and just got a bad bottle of hair spray! i myself have been using rave for 15 years plus! We have three daughters and they love it when they get hair do's for all the dances they go to! Well not now! This new formula is like spraying water on your haiR....IT DOES NOT HOLD! I GO TO BEND OVER TO PUT MY SHOES ON OR WALK OUTSIDE WITH THE SLIGHTEST BREEZE AND I MIGHT AS WELL NOT OF DONE ANYTHING! IT IS BAD...HORRIBLE... YOU MUST NOT OF TESTED THIS OR DON'T CARE! THIS IS A BAD PRODUCT! I HAVE TO SPEND MY MONEY ON A PRODUCT THAT WORKS...LOOKS LIKE YOU ARE LOOSING YOUR CUSTOMERS WITH THIS NEW FORMULA!! WATER IS FREE AND I'M NOT BUYING YOUR WATER ANYMORE IN YOUR NEW RAVE CLIMATE BOTTLE!

tina m., 2013-04-30, 01:16AM CDT

Truely hates the climashield hair spray, it wont hold my hair, I have to use alot more just to get it to hold, PLEASE BRING BACK THE REGULAR RAVE HAIRSPRAY!!!

f935fe7e, 2013-05-19, 07:29AM CDT

The new Climashield formula is terrible. Been a loyal customer for 24 yrs and will be looking for a new brand unless you bring back the original formula. Truly disappointed!

Ester, 2013-05-20, 12:33PM CDT

Yes, truly disappointed with the new climashield. Does not hold at all. It is horrible just like my hair today with this humid weather we are having. My hair is completely straight after I curled it this morning. With the old Rave it held from morning til night. I always get compliments on my hair cause with the old rave it always held my hair. loved the old formula. Please bring it back.

Yvonne P., 2013-06-10, 10:48AM CDT

I agree. The new climashield really sucks. I can't even look professional at my job because my hair keep falling down. I don't want to use any other product because the old rave was awesome.. Please change back to the old product.

609830ac, 2013-06-12, 11:10AM CDT

I agree I"m so disappointed with Rave this new climashield SUCKS it doesnt hold my hair at all I have been using Rave for almost 20 years. I have had to look for another hairspray and I haven't found one yet that holds like the old Rave did PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD RAVE BACK!!!!!!

Penny C., 2013-07-25, 09:24PM CDT

I agree!! I'm so disappointed that you changed the Rave #4 formula. The climashield is nothing like the Rave #4 I've used for so many years, IT DOES NOT WORK AT ALL. I don't think the people that changed the formula of Rave #4 even use it, because if they were required to use Rave #4 then they would know that NO CHANGES WERE NEEDED!! Show us that you hear us and PLEASE BRING BACK THE REAL RAVE #4 without climashield!!

41558823, 2013-10-09, 08:00PM CDT

Dina H., 10.09.2013 I need to express my dissatisfaction about your Rave#4 with the climashield. What ever it is,the junk simply does not hold my hair. Please change it back!

1a64556f, 2013-10-12, 05:18PM CDT

I totally agree the Rave formula with "Climashield" is the worst. Please bring back the original non-aeresol Rave 4X formula. Why did Sauve ruin a perfectly good product. Looking at all of the above complaints, it looks like I am not alone. I'm sure Sauve the manufacturer really doesn't care, but at least I can voice my dissatisfaction and hopefully they'll get the message when their product continues to sit on the store shelves because no one is using it any more. Maybe that will get their attention. Does anyone know if the original product can be purchased on line somewhere?

890c220d, 2013-10-13, 02:16PM CDT

I have used rave for a long time it is the only hair sprayt that will hold my hair. I use it every day. Now you have rave with climate shield in it and it dont work on my hair it wont hold it like the regular rave do you still make the reglar rave and do you still have it in stores if so please let me know where i can buy it.

Thanks Mrs. Campbell

d2054db1, 2014-02-10, 11:53PM CST


connie s., 2014-02-15, 08:25AM CST

There has to be some reason they're not willing to divulge for the ClimaShield still being included in this product. I've seen nothing but complaints about the new, useless product and still all the spokespeople for Rave will only reply with "email us for a special offer". It's almost as if they can't read the oft repeated requests, "bring back the old Rave 4x". ClimaShield contains no "sticky" but rather some sort of chemical that weighs the hair down and makes it look greasy. It's just a big ol' can/bottle of worthless now!

Sandra D., 2014-04-14, 10:13AM CDT

The last two 11oz cans will not spray. I have cleaned the nozzle,shaking it for a few minutes and still it will not spray. I can't take it back because I don't have the receipts. Although I do still have the bottles with the bar code. One is 16559 01077. Second can 16559 01076. I love Rave 4x mega but am getting hesitant to purchase anymore.

8ea2f390, 2014-07-07, 05:49PM CDT

I agree with Connie S. I've been a user of rave 4x for 15 years and the new formula is nothing like the way it used to be. It used to hold my hair absolutely all day, now it does nothing. I used to swear by it, but not anymore. I've got 4 bottles in my closet that I'm going to trash....CHANGE IT BACK TO THE ORIGINAL FORMULA PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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