Tire Kingdom. - Tire Kingdom on 1481 Tuskawilla Road, Casselberry, Fl 32708

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 1126ed33

Company: Tire Kingdom.

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Tire Kingdom on 1481 Tuskawilla Road, Casselberry, Fl 32708

Dear Mr Todd Ulrich,

as per phone discussion, here is the documentation requested re:Tire Kingdom.

Complaint against Tire Kingdom :

On 7/9/05 I visited Tire Kingdom on 1481 Tuskawilla Road, Casselberry, Fl 32708, phone (407) 695-3040, at approx 4:00 pm, in order to get the front-end of my 1996 Volvo aligned. At this time, the employee in charge, Nick Mastin, informed me that the employee who does front alignment had left for the day but if I returned first thing in the morning, I would be the first in line to have this work done. I returned at 8:00 am on 7/10/05 and an interim manager (young male), wrote up a work order and within 5 mins after taking it to the work area, returned and informed me that the alignment machine was broken (from the previous day).

I asked him if he could arrange for me to have the work done at another branch and after making a phone call, he informed me that the Winter Park branch, located at 2216 Aloma Ave, Winter Park, Fl 32792, phone (407) 629-5656, has a machine that is "up and running" and that I would be the next in line. I arrived there at approx 8:30 am and the Manager, Jason Romendio, wrote up my work order and took it to the work area where he had a conversation with 2 other employees. Within 5 mins Jason came back to the office where I was waiting and said to me, "you won't believe this but my computer just froze up". He stated he will be unable to do the alignment but will be happy to call another branch to see if they can do it instead.

He made a phone call and directed me to the Oveido branch located at 1485 E. Mitchell Hammock Road, Oviedo, Fl 32765, phone (406) 629-5656. As I pulled into the parking lot at approx 9:30 am, all the employees in the work area stopped what they were doing and looked at me pulling in. This gave me the feeling that I was "discussed" with all the employees so they were all curious to see who I was. I went to the office and spoke with the Manager, Mike, who informed me that his alignment machine is up and running but emphasized that the wait will be several hours. He made up a work order and I handed him the keys to my car.

The more I pondered the sequence of events noted above, the more uncomfortable I felt, not only about the long wait to have my car fixed but more importantly about the integrity of the work that will be done to my car. After approx 30 mins, I went back to the counter and spoke with Mike, asking him for the phone number for the corporate office and the name of a contact there. Mike clearly informed me there is no specific person to speak with in corporate and it will be a waste of time calling that office. After much of my pleading, he reluctantly gave me phone #(800) 926-8473 and the Company's President's name as Orlando Wolford.

I then requested a refund of the service contracts I currently have for my Lexus and Volvo; Mike informed me that I will owe the company money instead. At this point I informed Mike that I had a change of mind and requested the keys to my car and at that time he told me the wait will be approx 30-45 mins. I insisted on my keys and left the store without further comments.

Please note, since I purchased the service agreements in 2002 and 2003, I had both the Lexus and Volvo aligned at the Tuskawilla store and shortly after that I discovered fresh cuts (slashes) in both CV boots of both vehicles, necessitating replacement of both sets; I did not complain to Tire Kingdom. Approx 1 month ago I took the wheel of another Volvo I have to get it patched and the manager at the Tuskawilla store informed me it will cost $50:00 for a patch. I refused and voiced a complaint that this price was too high.

As a consumer, I feel ripped off and humiliated by Tire Kingdom. I feel confident there are others who have had similar experiences and on account of this, the company should receive appropriate public exposure of such practices in an effort to protect unsuspecting future consumers.



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