DirectTV and a ten dollar a month credit from Bell South

Posted on Wednesday, July 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by 5c2dc22e

Company: DirectTV and a ten dollar a month credit from Bell South

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DirectTV and a ten dollar a month credit from Bell South

When I bundled my services with Bell South Telephone they offered me a ten dollar per month discount on my DirectTV service. Who turns down an extra 10 dollars a month? This was in October or November of 2004. Note the date. I was told to allow two billing periods to allow the credit to show up. After 3 billing periods I call DirectTV who apparently outsources to India to inquire as to why I am not receiving my credit. I am told that Bell South did not file the paper work for it. Bell South assures me all the paperwork has been filed. This goes on for months. To get the credit I must call and yell at someone in India or some other place. Now you must note that you are never given a number to call or a way to reach the same person twice. This goes on for months, DirectTV blaming Bell South. I finally get smart and begin to email them both. Sending copies of DirectTVs emails to Bell South showing that DirectTV is laying the blame on Bell South. Finally in April of 2005, I get DirectTV to admit that Bell South has filed the paperwork and I am told in

the email, the credit will show up in two billing cycles. Have I heard this before? So I wait till I

get my July bill which has allowed them 3 billing periods. Well guess what? No credit. Yes, this has been going on for over 9 months. I have never been able to get in touch with the same person twice. If you ask for a number to call back you are told they do not have direct lines. Each email is from a different person. Now I want to know what CEO decided that good customers service is to give the customer the continued run around. Never able to talk to one person twice, each new person making the same promises and doing nothing. If Bell South is turning over money to DirectTV then they are being fooled badly. So here I am ...9 months later with no resolution to this. Thanks for a place to vent. The head of DirectTV's customer service should be fired. Whoever came up

with the concept of not allowing a customer to get in touch with the same person twice should have to spend eternity in hell trying to get customer service from directTV.

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