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Posted on Saturday, July 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CDT by de6afdf1

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Lawnmower / Conn's

Dear Sirs,

I purchased a lawnmower at Conn's on the Southwest Freeway in Houston, Texas on SundayJune 5,2005. Since they didn't have the model I request in stock I was offfered the model that was on display and I accepted it. When I brought it home I attempted to start it. I was perplexed because I followed the instructions and yet it didn't start. When I tilted the lawnmower I noticed it had grass cuttings under it(this lead me to think it was previously used). I took it back to Conn's and told the sales people about the grass cutting and requested they check the blades to confirm my findings.

They didn't check it,but sent it to the service shop. There they said that it had transmission oil in the motor and that ruined the mower. They said it didn't work because of customer negligence. First of all, I followed all the instructions. Secondly the oil that I put in was the one given to me by the salesperson and the label said it was SAE lawnmower motor oil not transmission oil as stated by the technician..

Thirdly, the sales people didn't bother to check the mower (grasscuttings). I have called the Conn's main office many times and they haven't bothered to return my calls. Please help me with this problem, they still want me to pay for the machine( I took it on Conn's credit) and I know I had nothing to do with the motor being ruined. I'd appreciate any help.



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