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Voyager Indemnity Insurance


Robert A. S

Silver Springs, Fl.


Policy # GMH sss

Good Day,

I am writing to you both regarding my claim with Voyager Indemnity Insurance. I have just received a reply from Mr. David Smith that I will paste at the end of my message to you both. Today I filed another complaint against them as I have had about all I can take of the way they do their business. One thing I would like to mention is that on the first claim I was paid such a low price they didn't even send any about that claim number. Infact to this day I still have not seen the report by the field adjuster at that time a Mr. Mike Maxie. Mr. Smith seems to believe that all the responsibility of Voyager is over. In his own words he wrote to you and said once they received the last Supplemental Receipts etc. they would issue a check in that amount. After you read his e-mail you will understand why I am so upset with Mr. Smith, and Ms. Qiunt. But onto the second claim # V 217416, Mr. Smith has made a few comments that are just untrue such as they had already paid to fix my roof caused by the neighbors tree falling against mine and then in return damaging my roof., and his comment of they had already paid for my siding. It that was true I would now have brand new siding as they do not make the material the siding is made off any longer, but I took the new field adjusters advice and had a company come out and do what they could. I have used Savage Inc. in the past and it was them who came out and did my work.

As I took the suggested advice from Voyagers field adjuster Mr. Daniel Vance who suggested I do exactly what I did. I had my roof and siding sprayed cleaned and coated for leaks and then sealed with some type of roof sealant. As no one including Mr. Mike Maxie nor Mr. Daniel Vance could tell where the leak was coming from his suggestion to have it done in the manner he suggested was done and has since not leaked what so ever. For the siding Savage Inc. was able to do as much as possible to get the nicks and dents etc fixed from the tree falling on top of my home, and then sprayed cleaned the entire siding and then painted the entire outside which I was charged a total of $1,925.00 plus materials I had to buy. One material receipt was from Lowe's in the amount of $226.41 and the other material receipt was from Wal-Mart in the amount of $181.01. I had hired a gentleman named Mr. Matt Presley to do some more hauling away of some of the trunks that were still there and the rest of the duct work trash I had to have removed in the amount of $200.00. Mr. Smith claims they are not liable for that as they say they already paid for tree and debris removal in the amount of $250.00. If that is the case I will gladly take off the $200.00 for Presley's service. If by chance you both still have the copies that were provided to myself by Ms. Mara Cortina, "which I truly thank you" for I was paid I believe the amount of $250.00 but for tree REMOVAL ""NEVER"" Possibly some little hauling here and there.

Not as the check stub reads "TREE REMOVAL" AND DEBRIS REMOVAL. As I know I have mentioned I had to pay to have the tree cut down for $2,000.00, but Voyager doesn't even want to touch that one. I am still owed the second deductible of $560.00 that was added to the "PRIOR PAYMENT" listed along with the $2090.00 on check number 919940. Also the $460.00 after the $100.00 is taken off by the new law regarding deductibles by Mr. Tom Gallagher. I am also entitled to $65.46 for rocks that were part of my steps that went up to the porch. This has been turned down my Mr. Smith. I Also want ALL my Deprecation Reimbursements of $2,317.14 As Mr Smith has told you once he received the final Supplemental receipts a check would be issued for that amount. He has only agreed to pay $63.00 at this point.

He wants to know what my rocks where for and if he feels like it may possibly pay myself the reimbursement price of $65.64. The other Supplemental Receipts I want reimbursed for are in the amount of $5,935.00. I will even paste his own words where he stated he would do the last supplemental reimbursement once he had everything and he has everything. They must think I enjoy complaining and attempting to get my reimbursements as stated so by Mr. Smith himself. I do not enjoy any of this and do apologize for going on and on regarding the situation but I need your assistance on this badly. I realize they have another 15 days in which to reply to my complaint I filed, but if there is anything to expedite this would greatly be appreacted. I thank you both for taking the time to read this and i do sincerely apologize for myself complaining but I need to be treated fairly. I will go ahead and paste what Mr. Smith wrote regarding the reimbursements and the his e-mail he sent yesterday the 7th. I will be looking for a reply if its only to say you have received my e-mail. I do thank you both for everything.

Best Wishes,

Robert A. S

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