Western Diversified Services, Inc. Advantage Vehicle Service Contract.

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Company: Western Diversified Services, Inc. Advantage Vehicle Service Contract.

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Western Diversified Services, Inc. Advantage Vehicle Service Contract.

Contract # CH20-1562ss In Reference of my Extended Service Contract for my 2001 Chevy Blazer. While this car was in for its annual inspection, the dealership said I needed 2 repairs to pass Pennsylvania’s Inspection and also Chevrolet specifications. These repairs were both lower ball joints damaged and worn and a steering idler arm that was bent / damaged. The contract states under E - LIST IF COVERED PARTS, Section #3, J states that Ball Joints are covered, and section #3, k states steering idler arm is covered.

The people at Advantage Vehicle Service Contract said these items are not covered because they are normal wear and tear.

The certified General Motors Mechanic and Dealer stated these parts must be replaced due to Pennsylvania State Inspection Laws and they did not meet Chevrolet specifications and could lead to a serious accident.

The Service Manager at Videon Chevrolet, Cory, could not understand why they would not cover parts per the contract. I also called Advantage and could not get any satisfaction with them.

The total reimbursement due to me is $1342.61 for the Ball Joints, Idler Arm and Alignment needed because of the replacement of the Idler Arm. Robert F Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72011# Consumer

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bd06bdc3, 2008-09-16, 03:01PM CDT

I, too, am having problems with Advantage. They sold me (through a car dealer) a contract that specifically had an "electronics package" to cover the hybrid components of my Honda Civic Hybrid. When the battery and various other Integrated Motor Assist parts needed replacement (a total of $5,000+), Advantage stated to me (during a phone call made on September 16, 2008) that the hybrid parts are all excluded and it does not cover any repairs.

It appears to me that Advantage is in the business of denying claims, since the above repair was clearly covered in the contract.

The contract I signed states "The deductible is one hundred dollars ($100) per repair visit, unless the above declarations indicate another option has been purchased".

We purchased a "Preferred" coverage plan, which apparently means "we prefer it if we don't cover your claim".

I am going to file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau and with the Illinois Attorney General. I believe that this is fraudulent activity, since they are selling policies and then not telling people the details, such as exclusions. They are basically taking the $2500 or so that people pay them and using it to hire people to deny claims all day.

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