Waffle House - Clemmons, NC

Posted on Friday, January 7th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 03fc7c8a

Company: Waffle House - Clemmons, NC

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Waffle House - Clemmons, NC

Waffle House - Clemmons, NC

I am a former employee of the restaurant mentioned above. I was fired when I told a coworker that I had found that one of the other associates (whom no one likes, not even the customers!) has some unserved warrants.

This is public information in the state of NC. When I went into the restaurant to pick up my paycheck, I was told that I was not to come back on the property; and management refused to let the waitresses on duty serve me a cup of coffee.

They proceeded to call the sheriff's office and had me escorted off the property. As it turns out, the coworker with unserved warrants served 60-days of a 90-day sentence for prostitution in 1987! I dedicated approximately 8 years of my life to this company and had just returned because I was enrolled in college full-time.

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