acer TFT monitor - getting one fixed (or not)

Posted on Thursday, January 6th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a66de67a

Company: acer TFT monitor - getting one fixed (or not)

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acer TFT monitor - getting one fixed (or not)

We purchased 14 TFT monitors and half a dozen PCs from Acer late last year. They were cheaper than the competition (although I found some excellent LG monitors later for a few quid more - including 3 year warranties - an absolute bargain at I now know why Acer kit is cheaper than the rest. Their support is abysmal. We had to send one of the monitors back because of missing pixels. A cut and dried case of replace the TFT panel or send us a new one you may think. A one/two week turnaround maybe? Ha! Welcome to the Acer 'support' line. This is roughly how it went so far... 11th November, Acer receive monitor 18th November, I ring up to make sure they got it. Helpdesk bod tells me they did and it is awaiting parts (a TFT panel). Ahh! Won't be long now then. 25th November, I ring again. Still down as 'awaiting parts'. I ask for an estimate of when the part will arrive. Helpdesk bod says he will 'email downstairs' to find out, tells me to ring the next day. 26th November, Female helpdesker checks with yesterday's guy and says he didn't send the email. She assures me she will do it, says ring next Tuesday and ask for her by name. 30th November, I ask for ***** by name. She didn't get a reply from 'downstairs'. She'll try again, ring Thursday. Status still 'awaiting parts'. 2nd December, Status 'awaiting parts'. I ask 'If Acer make these monitors, lots of them, why does it take so long for the parts to arrive? Don't they have, y'know loads of parts kicking around?'. Answer 'The parts come from all over the world'. Helpdesker offers to email 'downstairs'. Ring back next week. 9th December, guessed! I complain that it has been nearly a month with no sign of any conclusion. Helpdesker offers to email 'downstairs'. I ask if downstairs actually exists. Silence. Yeah, go on then, email away. I write a letter to Acer complaining about the delay. I ask if our warranty will be extended to cover the time the monitor is being repaired. 14th December, Status...getting a bit angry now. I mention the letter I sent. Apparently someone will read it and send one back saying that the situation will be reviewed in either 5 or 10 days, depending on how serious it is. I ask for their policy on repairing/replacing dodgy kit - how long is an acceptable time to wait? Helpdesker doesn't know. Says he will email 'downstairs'. 17th December, We receive a reply to my complaining letter. It says they are making every effort to effect the repair to our laptop, sorry for the delay, blah blah etc. I ring again and ask whether the delay is due to them thinking we sent a laptop in, when in fact it was a monitor! No, it's down as a monitor on their 'system' (a ring binder?) - do I want them to email 'downstairs'? 21st December, Status....violent. But wait! They have had a 'big shipment' of parts today. Apparently it might be in this. Ok, so he sounded like he was clutching at straws but we'll give it a chance. Ring back in 2 days. 23rd December, Status - awaiting replacement! Obviously the part wasn't in 'big shipment' and someone somewhere has finally got their arse into gear and made a decision. Yay! I tell them we will be closed over xmas. Helpdesker says, 'ok, ring us when you're back at work'. 4th January, Status - awaiting replacement. Ok, what happens now then? 'We've got a huge backlog of replacements, do you want me to email downstairs and try to get an estimate for when we can do it?'. Here we go again then... 5th January, Helpdesker has no new information. He says "to be perfectly honest, there is no way to find out how long a replacement will take". What about yesterday's estimate conversation? "I can't be accountable for what other people have told you, looking at the date on this item I would say you're probably looking at 4 weeks". You are joking! Ok, will we be getting an extension to the warranty to cover the 3 months we don't have the item? "Good point, I'll check". Long interval of on-hold music. "er, no, you won't get an extension". During this one I asked the helpline guy to speak slower so I could write this down for my blog. Wrote the following letter to their 'customer support' department: -------------- Our monitor (not laptop as you stated in the reply to our original complaint) has now been in your workshop for about 2 months. The status has finally changed from 'awaiting parts' to 'awaiting replacement'. After more calls to your helpdesk I was informed that it would probably take another 4 weeks before the monitor is replaced. That takes the total repair/replacement time to a quarter of a year, which is spectacular by any standards. Would you be happy with that kind of service? In answer to my question as to whether we would receive a warranty extension to cover the time we haven't had the monitor, the helpdesk answer was no. This is also outrageous. Is there any chance of a refund for this monitor, so that we can buy one from another manufacturer? I will forward a copy of this letter plus details of my many Kafka-esque conversations with your helpdesk to the customer complaints section at .Net magazine, and anywhere else I can think of. Should make an entertaining article if nothing else. Darren


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