1999 Intreped

Posted on Wednesday, January 5th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 55139928

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1999 Intreped

Here's our story, sad but true, it's about an Intreped we once knew..........

We purchased a 99 Intreped that had just come off lease with only 35,000. Approxamtely a year and a half later we started having problems with it and wouldnt you know it, the warranty had just expired. Had it towed to a reputable service place & said it was the transmission.

We then had it towed form the service place to a local Cottman Transmission. They replaced the transmission. We then started driving home then had to turn right around and drive it back to Cottman's to only discover that the alternator was bad.

When the alternator goes bad it then in turn messes up the transmission. Cottman's fixed the transmission then had it towed back to the service place where they had to replace the alternator. In the mean time only to discover that one of 3 computers went bad. Now the service place has to tow the vehicle to a local Dodge Service place to run a diagnostic on which computer went bad & have that replaced & now here we are hoping that we don't need to further service the transmission or alternator.

But in the mean time the rear windows conked out on us & with all the money we've been spending trying to fix all that is ailing this car we just dont have the funds to get the windows fixed. We will never recommend a chrysler product to anyone. We used to be mopar fans but no longer. Please keep name & e-mail address private. Thank you.

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442be05a, 2008-11-20, 08:17PM CST

That car is a bunch of junk as it sits brand new on the dealer's lot. You mentioned "with only 35K miles". Actually, for that car, it's at the end of its life at 35K. You found out the hard way. Get yourself a used Beemer or Volvo ...something that was quality made from the get-go. You truly get what you pay for when it comes to cars. Don't buy American...unless it's a Corvette.

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