1Source Auto Warranty

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by f0aacd07

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1Source Auto Warranty

Englewood, CO---1 Source Auto Warranty....I owned a 1999 Jeep and had their 'best' contract and had difficulties, at best, in settling needed work. Twice, I lost the Idle Air Control valve...they claimed, although I had their emissions coverage, this particular part was not covered...Jeep, Inc stated they were generalizing it as an emissions part..my mechanic concurred with Jeep and thought they should cover it.....power locks went out and they would not cover Denver metro area labor/parts rate, so I had to add $$$ to my mechanics bill...

my biggest complaint came after I traded in my Jeep and needed to cancel my contract...I would presume few folks realize many states have a law requiring auto warranty companies to reimburse you based upon a prorated basis minus any claims the balance---they owed me over $600...although I filed the required paperwork, it took me 3 months plus 3 phone calls to get them to post it to my credit card! They admitted they had all of my correct documentation, but it was delayed due to 'under staffing' !

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