Nikon D70 from Royal Camera

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 81540144

Company: Nikon D70 from Royal Camera

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Nikon D70 from Royal Camera

After effortlessly placing an order with Royal Camera ( I was told to expect my order delivered to me (in the UK.) within 10 working days. Allowing for an apparent US. public holiday, after 10 working days I had not recieved anything, not even an email. Not overly concerned I phoned Royal Camera customer services. After being placed on hold (at international call rates of course) the following conversation took place: RC: May I help?

ME: Yeah, Iv called about a missing order.

RC: Okay, have you got an order number?

ME: Yup, its royalcamera-44830...

RC: Okay has anyone phoned to verify this sale?

ME: Nope 'fraid not.

RC: Okay thats fine whats your name please?

ME: Mr Waterman.

RC: Rite..... Would you like the 1 gig or the 512 memory with your order?

ME: No its okay thanks

RC: What?! No memory? You no the camera doesnt work with.......

ME: Yeah its alright I have memory

RC: You have memory?? Well would you like......

ME: I'll just have what Iv ordered thanks

RC: You know what, we dont ship to the U.K. a....

ME: Im sorry??

RC: Yeah we dont ship to the U.K. You think you are better than everyone and

all have attitude problems. We dont have this camera anyway.

ME: Sorry?! Whats your problem mate?

RC: Your my problem kid, You gotten a bad attitude, MATE - no camera for


ME: I dont understand, this is your money - no camera for me, no money for


RC: No camera MATE no camera MATE

ME: No money for you then sir, good day.

[Hang up] In short, he was origanaly an arrogant pushy sales rep yet turned into a hostile twat who insulted my nationality, mocked my voice and refused my custom on the ground of hes personal opionion of me. Incredibly inconvienient and insanly hostile organisation. Andy W

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