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Company: AirFrance

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The following consists of a comment with regard to the unprofessional and disturbing conduct of AirFrance staff in the face of a death in the family of one of their passengers: My boyfriend and I purchased tickets originating in the United States, for travel exclusively on Air France, consisting of roundtrip travel between the U.S.and Paris, France and between France and Spain. One day after arriving in France, I received word from home that a family member to whom I was very close had passed away. Obviously, I wished to return to the United States to be with my family and attend the wake and funeral immediately. My boyfriend telephoned AirFrance and AirFrance’s telephone representative assured him that if we brought a letter confirming the death to the Champs Elysees AirFrance office, the cost of the tickets to Spain, since they would not ever be used by us, would be refunded and we would be allowed to move up our departing flight from Paris at no extra cost. However, the AirFrance employee at the Champs Elysees office, identified as Louise Adam, not only refused to refund the Spain tickets, although she admitted the seats could now be re-sold to other customers by AirFrance, but additionally charged us $400 to change our tickets to leave in time for the funeral. Ms. Adam treated me with the utmost disrespect during a very difficult time for me. I was in tears in the AirFrance agency and only wanted to get home. Ms. Adam not only never extended any word or gesture of sympathy but actually spoke very harshly to us and asked me, "What do you expect?!" After going through the painful expense of having a letter confirming death faxed internationally to me, per the instructions of the AirFrance telephone representative, only to have it tossed aside and to be told by Ms. Adam that, not only would no bereavement adjustment be made, but I would have to pay even more, was appalling. Throughout the meeting, Ms. Adam acted inappropriately and unprofessionally. It was a horrible experience. Of interest, a Delta representative in the same agency was so shocked by Ms. Adam’s behavior that she apologized to me and spoke to Ms. Adam privately to attempt to reason with her. The Delta representative’s attempts to help were unsuccessful but much appreciated by both me and my boyfriend. We paid the extra fees rather than miss the wake and funeral and departed. After returning to the U.S., I learned that AirFrance advertises a "bereavement adjustment" on their website and sent a written request for that bereavement fare adjustment for the fees Ms. Adam charged us to return home early for the funeral. AirFrance has not responded to my letter.


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