Farmer's Insurance company

Posted on Tuesday, February 1st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 1d80ec23

Company: Farmer's Insurance company

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Farmer's Insurance company

I am writing this complaint in behalf of my 75 year old mother (and myself) who has recently lost the love of her life (my father) after 56 years of marriage, endured numerous Cancer surgeries in her eye, suffers high blood pressure and now is being harassed by Farmer's Insurance Company. Farmer's Insurance Company has caused my mother to cry, loose sleep and is down to 82 lbs worrying about how she is to pay for a vandalized 2nd home. By the way, she carries multiple home and automobile policies. Our agent is powerless to help us and claims that Farmer's "frowns on agents getting involved and may be detrimental to your claim" How did Farmer's respond? They refuse to pay anything and are investigating her! After collecting her premiums for the past 20 or so years and never having turned in a claim, this is how they treat us? I am disgusted and sickened by this treatment! Farmer's has brought to bare the full force of this huge insurance company against my poor mother, asking for medical records, bank and credit card statements, IRS Income Tax returns and a myriad of other requests that make absolutely no relevance to our loss. She now has to appear in a deposition with an attorney, just to keep her claim from being summarily dismissed. I and my son went to our family's home in Victorville, California to check on the house we have owned since 1964, on Veteran's Day 2004. Expecting to have a pleasant day and good dinner, we discovered that vandals had gained entry through a bathroom window and subsequently broke the holding tank to the toilet. They decided that since this tank was broken, they might as well break the other bathroom's toilet tank ( the part that holds the fresh water in both toilets).

In addition, they went up on the roof and damaged it so that the previous week rains caused more water damage to the kitchen and living room. Mold developed throughout the whole house. Water was flowing through the whole house 4 inches deep. We immediately called the police and filed a police report. All the doors, wall paneling and any furniture made of wood warped beyond belief. What once was described as a perfect time capsule preserved is now destroyed. Now since I am my mother's son and the person who found the loss, Farmer's is coming after me too. They have named me in the deposition and want the same information from me. Since I share the same first name and middle initial (different middle name) as my deceased father ( who still is on the property title and insurance policy), they think it is me. I have told them numerous times that I have no legal title to either.

All I want is for Farmer's to own up to their responsibility in this matter and stop putting the burden on my mother and ultimately me. It seems that Farmer's is more interested in getting out of paying its claims (looking for any loophole they can find), then in caring about the customers they serve. If my mother has a heart attack or stroke or ill health resulting from the emotional stress related to this claim, I will surely sue Farmer's for this ultimate loss. People wonder why premiums and legal awards are so high? Let a jury get ahold of this one and no award is high enough to replace a loving mother or her health. I would definitely think twice about having Farmer's Insurance Company cover any of your assets. What is the purpose of homeowner's insurance if they refuse to pay any claims. This is clearly vandalism. When the chips are down, so will you be... Farmer's Insurance GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT! cc: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72288#


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