Circuit City - Hitachi 53 Widescreen Projection TV

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 7796ae2b

Company: Circuit City - Hitachi 53 Widescreen Projection TV

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Circuit City - Hitachi 53" Widescreen Projection TV

Circuit City- Deptford, NJ - Three years ago we purchased the above tv at Circuit City, we also purchased an extended warranty, after some delivery snafus, all went well until 3/2004 when the color went haywire. Circuit City authorized one if it's service providers to repair the tv. They removed some parts and a week later reinstalled them, the tv still did not work. They then sent a truck and carted the tv to their shop in Phila., where it stayed for two weeks. When they returned it, I was not satisfied as there was still yellow shading in the left hand corner but they stated that they had repaired it to factory specs and could do no more. When Circuit City called me to see if I was satisfied with the repair I told them I wasn't and predicted that it would get worse when the warranty ran out.

They never advised me that I could extend my warranty or made any attempt to see that the tv was repaired properly. On January 2, 2005, (15 days after the warranty expired), the entire left side of the tv turned green and purple and the Magic Focus button which is supposed to reallign the tubes did not work. I went to Circuit City to explain the problem and was given a toll-free number to call. Upon calling this number, I realized I was speaking to someone in India or another foreign country who did not have a very good grasp on the English language. After giving this gentlemen all the pertinent information, he put me on hold for 20 minutes and then came back and repeated the information I gave him 20 minutes ago. I then asked for a number in the US.

The woman I spoke to there politely informed me there was nothing she could do because the warranty had run out. She had no answer as to why I was not called or notified by mail that an extension to my warranty was available. She gave me the number for Customer Relations. The woman and Customer Realtions informed me that they are "not required" to send renewal notifications on warranties but if I was willing to pay for this repair, they would be glad to extend my warranty. She had no answer as to why my dissatisfaction with the repair in March was not addressed, she said she had no record of it.

We are now faced with an astronomical repair bill which would have been unnecessary if we had been advised that it was possible to extend our warranty which I definately would have done since I was sure the tv was not repaired properly the first time. We will never deal with Circuit City again and I intend to post my complaints on every site available on the internet and notify every consumer hotline I can find. They are dealing with someone with too much time on their hands and I will not stop until someone from Circuit City can explain why this happened and come up with some kind of satisfactory compromise.

Karen U

Glassboro, NJ 08028

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