Bellsouth and A T & T

Posted on Tuesday, January 4th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 21601b52

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Bellsouth and A T & T

I came across you website by doing a search of long distance billing complaints. At this point, I really don't know what to do. BellSouth continues to credit each payment to the prior months billing to include A T & T. If you have any suggestions, please contact me ASAP.


Terri L. F

Concerned Consumer

Please be advised that on several occasions, I formally requested that A T & T remove themselves as long distance provider on my Bellsouth account! Bellsouth Representatives have also been advised that A T & T should have never been places as the long distance provider on my Bellsouth Account.

Payments made to Bellsouth from October 2004 to date, have excluded any A T & T amounts. Bellsouth billing statements display that only fees associated with their own telephone service should require compliance; however, a running balance on my account indicates that monies have been credited to A T & T, without my approval of disbursements. A T & T's unwarranted billing efforts jeopardize my ability to continue service with Bellsouth. Bellsouth billing shows uncollected balances to my account for requested services and have resulted in service interruption on one occasion. Much to my dismay, Bellsouth continues to disburse these hard earned dollars to A T & T against my will; and to several written demands on my part have no avail.

I have requested that the Attorney Generals office get involved in A T & T's unethical billing practices. A T & T should not be authorized to secure customers in the state of Georgia, without warrant. BellSouth should not allow such practice to interfere in its own customer relations development and demise.

I would greatly appreciate a timely response to this email from every copied recipient, as well as the addressee. This situation is getting out of hand and my credited payments are going to other companies - WITHOUT LEGAL CAUSE TO DO SO!

I hereby demand that BellSouth credit my account for any unwarranted charges by AT & T for collected monies in 2004. I hereby demand that future long distance services be provided by Bellsouth in the Bundle I package offer. Numerous requests on my part to eliminate billing by AT& T has left me without relief and continues escalation of a negative balance to payment efforts for Bellsouth for legitimate services. My numerous attempt include:

Calling Bellsouth directly on numerous occasions- Bellsouth telephone representatives avoid solutions by telling me that I must contact A T & T directly;

Numerous email attempts gain no response whatsoever;

Calling A T & T directly on numerous occasions- A T & T representatives claim that any dispute to their billing must be resolved by contacting my local provider;

Numerous email attempts to A T & T gain no response whatsoever;

Written correspondence via US Mail to A T & T - beginning with the WELCOME LETTER received by A T & T without warrant - NO REPLY;

Emailing the Better Business Bureau - no response.

Emailing the Attorney General's office - no response.

This email will also be included in a formal certified document, with all prior documented communications, to each addressed recipient and the Governors office, as well as federal officials that may assist me in my efforts for a CEASE AND DESIST in A T & T's business practice in Georgia.


Terri L. F

Woodstock, GA 30188 Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72210# Consumer

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