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Posted on Saturday, January 29th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 96721eed

Company: Sage Telecom - Texas

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Sage Telecom - Texas

I have been an A+ rated customer with Sage Telecom in Texas. I've always paid my bills in full and on time. I wanted unlimited long distance, and Sage could not offer it to me. So I had to switch to another company for that feature. Starting the day after I switched, I started receiving daily automated phone calls telling me that my account was seriously delinquent, and that if I do not pay my overdue balance, that legal action will be taken. Shocked, I called the customer service number and a lady told me that she saw my check for $88.01 had arrived, but not yet posted. She assured me that the calls will stop, assuming it was a mistake. As it was, my final bill had not even been compiled yet at that time. I continued getting those calls each day, so I finally returned a call to the pre-legal department and spoke with someone who called himself Corey. We got into it, because he said if I don't pay my bills, I'm going to get messages like this. He said I owed $21.31. I was beside myself. I told him I recalled the lady I spoke with the week before figured out that I would have a refund coming. He demanded to know her name, but of course I did not remember. When I raised my voice (my language was always clean), he laughed at me and said that I will continue to receive those messages every single day until I pay my bills. Demanding to speak with his or any supervisor, he said none is available. After repeating my demands perhaps about 6 times, he transferred me without my permission to a voice mailbox that was anonymous. I left a lengthy message anyway, requesting a callback, but never received a call. I then contacted one of the other customer service numbers and after another couple of requests, finally got to speak with a supervisor, Rhonda Morris. However, she could not do anything about the pre-legal department, except to email this Corey's manager to call me. I have never received a call. She also said she had no idea why a lady told me the week before that my check had arrived, since there was no record of it. This conversation took place on January 24, 2005, and I had sent my check in the mail from the post office on January 7, 2005. She said I needed to research the matter. I found my online statement showing the check had been cashed by Sage Telecom on January 11, 2005, and faxed a copy of that statement to her immediately. After leaving several more phone messages over the 26th and 27th, she finally called back on the 27th. I asked if she received the fax, and she had not, inquiring if I had the right fax number. That night, I faxed to the same number again, with a copy of my fax confirmation of the previous fax, and this time, January 28, 2005, she did receive it. Then she said she still cannot do anything since Sage's system shows no payment. At her request, I volunteered to call Smith Barney and get a copy of the check, front and back. She did say the recorded calls should have stopped. However, I had received another one of those calls in the middle of a meeting the evening before, and before 8:00AM that morning, waking me up. After that phone call, still on January 28, 2005, I ordered a copy of the check, front and back, and I received another recorded call threatening legal action. I then went to my mailbox, and found a letter from the legal department formally giving me 7 days before legal action will start. The letter said that I never made any attempt to contact Sage about this seriously overdue account. Furious, I filed a complaint with the Utility Commission online, and then called the pre-legal department at about 4:00PM. They closed at 3:00PM, and they leave no outlet to leave a message - so there is no proof that one even tried to call. Still furious, I called Rhonda Morris, who left for the day, and left a message on her phone. I then left 2 messages on their general mailbox. I then called the 24-hour Customer Service Department, wanting to speak with a higher-up manager to stop this harrassment.

The supervisor I spoke with, Annette, said she could do nothing - that Sage's Departments were closed. This was still about 5:00PM. I demanded to speak with a higher manager. Mr. Blair also said that once I resolve the $21.31 debt, and once Sage can figure out what's going on, there is nothing he can do, and no one to whom he could refer me. I asked him if the building burned down, would there not be a manager to be contacted? He said if the building burned down there would be nobody left to contact. He said I would have to resolve the phone calls with the Pre-Legal Department. I told him I could never speak with a supervisor in that department. He said he had no connection with them. He did say that the recorded calls will continue coming, and there is nothing that anyone can do about their system. Now you may ask why I don't just send another check for $21.31. As I told Mr. Blair, the money is not the issue. It is the way I have been treated as a former customer. I know the money is in their account. What I REALLY want is a massive apology and an admission that Sage Telecom has a long, long way to go to significantly improve their Customer Service Department. I am sure anyone reading this complaint would agree - hands down!

Steve G

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51b6bdce, 2008-10-24, 06:06AM CDT

If I find that there is poor customer service and I am finding SAGE TELECOM as poor service and attitude I am consider dropping them, I do advise this.

If you have High Speed Internet get a VOIP Phone Service, I am experimenting with it and I am going to order a Hardware Firewall ( I am finnishing my degree in IT Managemet and hold 2 FCC Licenses ) and experiment with VOIP, If I have no dropped calls I may as well switch, and the Power of your State Attorney Generals Office or the FCC depending the State you live in reference copy and past if thi does not convert to a link I just recieved another bill, I will however request in writing a audit of my phone bill and under law I do believe they have to do that.

2a09bb43, 2009-01-26, 12:51PM CST


I have been a Sage customer for years, and have liked their service. However, something has recently changed with the company. I missed paying my bill last month. I think they changed their billing schedule. I did not receive it within my normal bill paying window. They sent a suspension notice within a month! I paid the bill late last week, but today they do not have my payment yet and they suspended my service!! I was VERY surprised. I have never heard of a utility or anybody else suspending service that quickly. They have WAY too much competition for this kind of support. Plus, while the support person was polite and did her job "correctly", support was of no help for the customer.

My brother-in-law went through the same issue with them last month. Too bad; Sage was a great deal for years. I suspect this might be the problem:

"Brian Kushner serves as the President and CEO of Sage Telecom, Inc., and is the co-founder of CXO, L.L.C., the Dallas-based international interim and turnaround management firm specializing in telecommunications, technology and media that leads Sage."

This is from their web site. I suspect the "interim" is trying to make quick numbers.

Not having service right now makes it VERY easy to change. I have Vonage for my home office. It's great and it is much cheaper. That's where I'm going.

bc8a7263, 2009-10-10, 03:14PM CDT

I have switched over to Sage Telecom. I asked for a second line for a fax number. After three trips by their service technician, he told me that there was a problem and a new wire would need to set up. Meanwhile, I start getting billed by them. I called their office and they assured me it was working. I checked it out and it was not. Call back and get this "Offshore" representative who assures me it is working and I should check my line. Well, besides being hard to understand, this person is as intelligent as the vegitables she eats. I finally ask for a supervisor and we go through this whole dance again. I finally ask them to please call me back on Monday and I would wait till 9 A. M. my time. I wait till 10. A.M., without a call. Once again I call them back and ask for someone to call me no later than 9 A.M. the following day and tell them that I was late to work as a result of their incompetence and lack of follow-through. No one calls.

I finally get some promo call from their office and I am now royally pissed off. When I get through their load of garbage messaging, I tell them to cancel and not bother with the second line. I get this bill again for the installation and service charge, which was crazy. I pay the minimum to keep my phone on only to find they have restricted my long distance. I call their office and it is a weekend. Once again, I call Monday and after going through all their messaging I get someone who says I got to call another number. Anyway,. The jist of it is that I am being billed this high amount due to the second line. I am told it will take 3 to 5 business days to sort it out. Friday, I call them again only to find they have not taken all the charges off for that second line and in order to get my long distance back I will have to pay the full amount. Well, they have me over a barrel-I need my phone and agree to pay the full bill. The person on the other end says if I pay it I will be reimbursed and my service will be fully restored. I tell them I will but want to get credited after they do another 3 to 5 day " Investigation." I also tell them that it is important since my cell's reception is sketchy up here. I am assured and they say that if there is a problem I can call the office during the weekend.

I try to call my 6 year old this morning and find that it is still blocked. I go through there maddeningly lame messaging and get their office. Only to be told that nothing can be done on the weekend!

This company is so lame, I only went with them because of what seemed like a good deal but frankly, I am sick of them -every time I think of having to call them-my blood pressure goes up and I get knots in my stomach. This is how I see it unfolding now; I am not going to have long distance even after paying the full bill Friday and going to have to call them Monday, again. This is a sick company that does not have their act together! I am so disgusted with them and think they need to be financially slapped to wake them up! Sorry to be so long winded but it takes a little while to convey all my dealings with this shabby outfit.

Are you interested in another lawsuit?

P.S. Called them again and was transferred once again to the ??Sale??s?? Office. At his point I vented a bit and said: "I want you to e-mail or call whom ever she needed to and get heir attention. I am considering civil action and am really frustrated with their company's ability to do anything or communicate with me an fix my phone"!

My cell is sketchy where I live and I was on a business call with someone I just signed NDA papers with and cell went dead. I could not call the MIT prospective business partner back because of this long distance restriction by this company-Sage. If I lost this business relationship due to their thinking I am a flake. I will squarely put it one Sage's shoulders. That is why I am also so angry at these idiots!

bc8a7263, 2009-10-16, 11:45PM CDT

I cannot believe any company that is concerned about here customer base can be so derelict. I truly regret switching over from my other carrier. As much as I also hate AT and T, at least you can get hold of someone if there is problem with your phone. I switched because I wanted to save money on my long distance and now have spent so much time trying to get hold of them and being switched around from their "Sales" department-which is the only department you get when you call their main number, to get in touch with their "Customer Service" Department. Everything was alright until I asked for a second line for my fax. They contract with AT & T to service their line. The technician came out five times. the first three where an attempt to get it in. He stated that here was a problem and they would have to set up another independent line. I called Sage and after going through the same process-sales dept. to their customer service dept. they told me flat out: "It is working." This was after the AT & T technician said he could not put it in. OK, I asked if someone could call me back before 9 A.M. and let me know what is going on. I waited until 10:30 A.M and even had to call in late for work. No one called! that afternoon after work, again I went through their system of sales office to get put on hold to get heir customer service dept. They assured me someone would call me tomorrow, Tuesday before 9 A. M. No one called. Once again I had to go through this whole process. Finally, fed up, I told them to shove the second line only to start receiving bills for this line and the installation fees. At this point, I am livid and after several attempts, I finally get through to their office. They assure me that they will "look into it" and it will take three to five days. I am not going to pay for this second line and only will pay the minimum, Well that is not good enough for them, they restrict my long distance. I figure I will hold off until Friday-the five-day period mentioned. When I call, they still have not sorted it out and I am forced to pay the full bill under protest so I can have long distance-my cell phone's reception is sketchy where I live. I pay the bill and I am told that I should have my long distance service returned with in two hours. It urns out I do not have long distance for that whole weekend and cannot call my family, except with my cell phone, which is unreliable. Monday, I go through their stupid system, that hey swear should go directly to customer service, not "Sales." Of course I get sales. After wading through their messaging and being put on hold for 26 minutes, I get through to their customer Service Department. They assure me that hey will have my phone back up and running within 24 hours! Tuesday evening I have no long distance so Wednesday i go through this all again and finally get to talk to someone who says: "Oh, they put in the wrong codes." "I put in the right ones and it should be working within 24 hours. Thursday- I finally get to make two long distance calls before I get a message saying that I need an "Access code" to make a long distance call. I am about to go ballistic at this point. Friday- after going through their "Sales Office " once again, I finally get through to their "customer Service" dept. After she looks into it, she says, I apologize but your long distance will not be on till Oct 21st- 6 days later!

I cannot believe this company and rue the day I ever switched. Their customer service dept managers must have quite a stockpile set up in the Caymons. Sure is not going back into making their company work! I am so disgusted. What a true waste of time money and aggravation! I do not think they will be able to survive that long with idiotic and lame customer service like they have. They have cost me a lot more than the piddly little savings. To add insult to injury, they are still going to bill me for the service-full rate, minus $5.00 a month for three months! Yippee. Lesson, you pay for what you get! This is an incredibly incompetent company-taking advantage of the de-regulations. Probably sending as much money to the Caymons, before they get closed down!

9796ac95, 2011-08-31, 09:56AM CDT

After thirteen years with Sage I decided a $75 monthly phone bill was too high. I upgraded my cell phone and made arrangements for my home phone to be disconnected. I won't go intoall of the gory details but the CS stinks. I had three agents tell me the State of Texas does not allow a phone company to pro-rate the monthly rate when figuring the final bill. This is not true according to the Texas PUC. I had LD calls overseas and I paid these but they have taken a few charges off of a bill which should not have been generated in the first place. I made arrangements to have my phone disconnected on what would have been seven days into my new billing cycle but when I found out they were going to charge me a full months service I told them to cut if off one day into my new billing cycle. As I requested this within five days of my new billing cycle I would not be charged. Apparently someone in the billing dept. cannot add as they took all of the charges off of a bill that should never have existed. After spending hours and hours on the phone with Sage, I finally told them to shove it where the sun doesn't shine and hung up on them. I am filing a complaint with the PUC as these people should not be in business.

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