Walmart store in Washington city Utah - Great valueCinnamon Crackers Walmart Brand

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Company: Walmart store in Washington city Utah - Great valueCinnamon Crackers Walmart Brand

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Walmart store in Washington city Utah - Great valueCinnamon Crackers Walmart Brand

Some four month;s ago I bought a box of Great valueCinnamon Crackers Walmart Brand, While having a snack after eating i noticed that one of the cookie;s had what looked like a human bite, after looking for the missing piece of cookie and not finding it, i was very concerned about who might hace taken a bite from that cookie, also was very concerned if whom ever took the bite off the cookie might be infected with any desease, some twenty minuites later i started having abdomonal pain;s, they got very strong and i had the pain;s next day accompined with alot of gas and disconfort, the next day not feeling any better i wen;t to see my Docter, but my Doctor was in vacation, and i was seen by another Doctor at the clinic,

The Doctor examined me and found that my stomach was bloted and was very tender accompined with pain, i took the medication the Doctor gave to me and i had a somewhat relive,the medication helped me on and off, some four week;s later i went to see my Doctor and i was still very sick of my stomach, when weaighing me since the last time that i saw the other Doctor he noticed that i had lost somewhat twenty three pound;s, my Doctor recomended further medical testing but i could not affort to pay for medical procidure;s and since then i have been sick on my stomach with several medical disorders, i am a old man sixty four years old and i am on old pension which am very limited money wise, i can not affort to pay for medical treatment because of my money shortage,my complain was assign to a, Lenora from claim;s management 1-888-213-7534 ex 62986, Lenora inturn told me that Walmart was not responsable for the injurey that was caused to me by Walmart Brand Great Value Cinnamon Crackers, She reffered my claim to Bremner Manufacturer who makes the crackers,

I was refferd to a Mr.Barry Brown whom inturn seemed to have been advised by someone to give me a hard time, Berry to begain with he talked to me in a high tone of voice and told me that how was i going to prove that his crackers were the cause of my sickness, after explaing what happend to me he was still howloring at me and told me that he was going to send me a envelope to me, so that i could send him the box the cracker;s so that he could examin the whole thing, i answered i have been very sick, and i am sick now, what can you do to help me i need medical attention, he said that he could not help me until he was satisifed that the cracker;s were the one;s that caused my sickness, i told him i was perfectly well from my stomach until i found that human bite, his response was that his employe;s were not going to commit a act like that, i could not get any help from either Brown 1800-445-8338 ext 591 Or Tommy M. Taylor Reference #200403210___cc: Kerry Middlebrook. Ticket # 5084247.

Will you please help me on this unfortunate matter, I had a call from A person who didn;t want to give her name, but was asking me all kind;s of question;s regarding, if i still had the box of cookies and the recipt, i told her i needed her name and wanted to know where she was from, she scarcly mention her name, i asked her did you say Terry, she hasatated and finaly give me her name as Peri, which she spelled and her phone number, 1-888-213-7534 ext 62987- It so happen;s she works on the same Dept: as Lenora, So i say what kind of game are this employes who work for Walmat playing, and they don;t have any humanty sense, for people who sustained any kind of fisical injury on Walmart Store;s, they have been giving me the round around since i received the injury to my stomach from Walmart Stores Great Value Cinnamon Cracker;s, I am still sick with several medical disorders on mo stomach, I am seeking reliable help to this critical problem, can you help me, let me know as soon as you can, you;re answer will determaned if i need to seek help from higher authority,

Alfredo C. M

__ST George__


Thank You.

Fred C

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c64cb5e4, 2008-09-09, 02:10PM CDT

I wanted to add we had a bad situation occur to us concerning Great Value Cheese Crackers! Our 16 mth old began choking on some of those crackers just a couple days ago. We at first assumed she had put too many in her we retrieved them we found 4 of them attached together by a yellow thread! They were strung together...and baked into the cracker! She could have easily died...and we contacted Bremner after of course contacting our local Walmart to tell them this product should be recalled because it could have easily been the whole batch and not just our box! Well Bremnar did not want to tell us off hand if they were the ones who make the cracker until we told them the reason we were calling which we had to be discreet about...and the lady also was hesitant to give me her name. I am wanting to know if anyone else has had problems with Great Value products and wonder if we should seek legal advice.

c458eec9, 2009-06-17, 12:09PM CDT

I have never heard anything so absurd in my whole life, you think because you found a cookie with a piece missing and you believe it was because someone bit into it..duh the piece could have broken off on the assembly line you honestly think because of that it made you sick!! Oh come on, it's all in your realistic!! If you're hoping for is a lawsuit I dare ya to go before a judge with your innane story and see how far you get!! lol commenter you do have a legit complaint, I hope your baby is ok!! I did buy a box of crackers once and found some of them to be moldy I returned the box and got a refund!!

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