BAC TRAVLADV Unauthorized Charge

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by fb9f8273

Company: BAC TRAVLADV Unauthorized Charge

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BAC TRAVLADV Unauthorized Charge

To Whom This May Concern: I too was a victim of this unauthorized charge through Travlers Advantage. I check my online accounts at least once a day and the other day I noticed that there was a $99.99 charge to my credit card, and as well, I bank with Bank of America. What I don't understand is why Bank of America is contributing to this type of practice by affiliating themselves with sneaky advertising. For all of those who are in the same situation, here's exactly what I did in attempts to get the situation resolved. First call Travlers Advantage at 1-800-548-1116 and press 3 on your keypad to speak with a representative. Immediatley ask for Erika or one of the supervisors (as I was told that there are many) because the customer service person with whom you speak to will not be able to do anything about your situation.

Explain your situation and be sure that they verify your address, because in my situation the address they gave was not mine at all. They should take care of the situation and as always, make sure you receive a credit confirmation code for your records. My account is to be credited the charge in the next 10 business days, so we'll see what happens. Here is the address of Travlers Advantage if anyone is interested. Travlers Advantage

P.O. Box 6100

Westerville, OH 43081 Hope this helps! EXTRA INFO ESPECIALLY FOR THE TECH HEADS (They messed with the wrong person)

Erin C

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d4fe1976, 2008-11-30, 02:34PM CST

Same here! I was never notified and only found this fraud by Traveler's Advantage when reviewing my statements! Let's get these guys out of business!!!!!

Thanks for their address!

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