2000 s10 for $24123 at rk chevy

Posted on Wednesday, January 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 1e346493

Company: 2000 s10 for $24123 at rk chevy

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2000 s10 for $24123 at rk chevy

i bought a 2000 s10 in Jan 2000 i gave my 87 mustang as a downpayment i financed $17222

it was a lease at $265 a month for 3 years they didn't file the papers until June so the payments didn't start till June.

Then in 03 when the lease was up I told Steve mills head of there commercial truck div. that i would like something larger he told me he would look around there stock and call me but to save time he told me to sign this blank contract for $300 a month he had been what i thought honest with me all along so I signed it.

two weeks later i received a package in the mail it was that contract with my 2000 s10 and now stated i owed 14053 I saw this and it didn't seem right but i had lost my old one so i began to pay on 1/16/05 i went back to get something different and was told i still owe 10,000 that was crazy to me so i searched my home and found my old contract it states after i paid 265 for 3 years i would owe 11,300 not 14053 I feel that rk chevy in VA beach is nothing more than a lot of thieves and no account hoods by my math I seem to be paying 24,123 IM currently looking into some form of legal action I can take to show them that they cant get away with this theft of my hard earned money.


Donald B

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