UPS Shipping complaint

Posted on Tuesday, January 25th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 28799a4c

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UPS Shipping complaint

My name is Jeffrey

Morris Plains, NJ 07950

I ordered a couple books from They were shipped via UPS.

Tracking numbers: 1Z81E74W0247839076 and 1ZA7228W0216566806 I was supposed to get the first part on Thursday. On Thursday the driver left a note saying I wasn't home. I was home. He didn't bother to ring the bell. I called UPS. They said to wait and they would redeliver it. I waited until 6:50 PM. They didn't show up. I called them and they said it could take until 7:30. I waited until 8:30. They didn't show. I called again and was told it could be as late as 10 PM. It didn't come until the following morning (wasting a day of my time waiting around for it). The second package was supposed to arrive Friday. I waited around for it but it never came. Apparently they mistakenly left it off the truck. They said they would redeliver today (monday) I put a note on the door (so they would be sure to know that I was home). I also never left the house. I waited until 7 pm. I checked the website and saw thay they claim that they tried to deliver it at 5:42 PM but I wasn't home (did I mention that I didn't leave the house?). The driver never came, didn't ring the bell and didn't leave a note. Oh and there are no footprints in the snow around my house. In short, the driver lied (probably because I complainded about him on Thursday). I called UPS. They said they couldn't do anything. They wouldn't even let me go there to pick it up. They were VERY inflexible. They couldn't even give me priority for pickup tomorrow. Oh and when I called the local office (at the direction of the customer service rep) the man who answered the phone, who said his name was "Nick" hung up on me! They were unwilling to deliver the package after I called or make any sort of arrangement. Likewise, they wouldn't offer me any compensation even though this is a second-day air package and it has been delayed (by their own incompentence) by four days! -Jeff

Jeffrey A. S

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David P., 2013-01-04, 07:06PM CST

1Z5AR5396764917009 Why do I have to pay 110 dollars for a small envalope to come from Arkansas to Lima,Peru when it takes 1 week to get here it is in one city for 2 days beingbscanned I will never use UPS personality.

Elias T., 2013-01-04, 09:19PM CST

Fredom is not free. USPS is not UPS.

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