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Posted on Monday, January 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 63f4744d

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Knickerbocker photography

I bought a sitting for my granddaughter from an organization at school. I got a stub from my ticket with no sitting date on it. I was told by the person I bought the ticket from that Knickerbocker would be calling me in a couple of weeks to set up my appointment that was supposed to take place within the month. It is January 2005 and I bought the ticket in Sept. 2004.

After about 2 months I called the school to inquire as to why I had not been contacted by Knickerbocker, I was told by the school office employee that the teacher who was sponsoring this thing was out and would be back in a few days. I found Knickerbocker's website address and emailed a letter to them explaining my situation and that the portrait I was buying was going to be for my daughter as a Christmas gift (a portrait of her 3 month old daughter).

Time went by and not hearing anything, I searched again and found Knickerbocker's phone number. The lady on the line, didn't get her name, was talking as if she were a machine. No emotion in her tone of voice. Not apologetic at all. Telling me that my portrait was never scheduled and they had no idea who I was. She said if I didn't get my appointment, it was the fault of the school organization and that if I wanted a picture, I would have to travel 50+ miles, possibly to another nearby state to get it because they didn't have anything scheduled in my area for portraits.

I called the school back and told the office lady that something was wrong, I know it was only $10.00 that I had spent so far on my sitting, but if someone was collecting money from a lot of people for pictures, they are probably making some money for themselves. As it turns out, Knickerbocker really was supposed to be at the school at the time the lady that sold me the sitting said, but they didn't show up. I've tried to contact Knickerbocker again, no such luck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Charlotte D

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52e37f96, 2009-01-28, 01:30PM CST

I've set up many Knickerbockers sessions ..And theyve all turned out great..I hate that you had a bad experience..But the way the program works is whoever is setting up the program gets in contact with Knbrs..And they sell all coupons and they can have helpers which is a great help and the $10 that is made off the coupons goes straight to the person that is selling them,Knickerbockers gets no profit off the coupon sells they make their money after pics are taken and picked up if you buy a portrait package from them.Sounds like whoever you gave your money to,took off with it..I'm in the middle now of another picture program in Knoxville Tn..You ought to come and be a part of it you would really enjoy the outcome of your pics...I do not work for them I just saw your complaint and wanted to reply...I'm sorry for all your trouble...

71847085, 2009-06-30, 11:23AM CDT

I also bought a ticket from this organization...and no Pic was ever taken nor did anyone ever contact me. It was only $10.00 but it is the principle like you said.

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