2000 Fleetwood Double Wide Home

Posted on Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by c9716f1e

Company: 2000 Fleetwood Double Wide Home

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2000 Fleetwood Double Wide Home

I bought a Fleetwood Double wide in 2000 and I am having problems with the windows. Frost is appearing all around the window frame and starting to rot my window frames. I sent numerous e-mails and they keep saying that there is information in the owners guide about condensation and how to stop it.

I keep telling them that it is not condensation, my windows are not sweating that there is frost appearing all around the frame and I feel a very strong draft coming in from outside all around the window frame of 2 windows, and those 2 window frames are now starting to mold and rot. Also the seam where they put the house together, the roof leaks and I have rusty run streams running down my walls inside the house. Home owners insurance will not cover the damage and I have only had the home for 4 years and the warranty was only good for 3 years. One of the windows at the base where the sill is , I have to roll a towel up and keep it on the sill there is so much frost and now it is frozen to the sill. This is the second time I have gotten a manufactured home with 2 different companies and neither of them were willing to meet the needs of the problem. Liberty Homes and Fleetwood Homes. I have a 33 year mortgage on this home and have had it 4 years. Robert Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72633# Consumer


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