privacy guard - 3 month free trial credit report/monitoring service

Posted on Saturday, January 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 6883e4ea

Company: privacy guard - 3 month free trial credit report/monitoring service

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privacy guard - 3 month free trial credit report/monitoring service

I signed up for the Privacy Guard FREE TRIAL in September 2003. I tried to access the FREE credit report online and was not successful. The person I spoke with on the phone said I had to wait for a secret code to be mailed to me. After waiting several weeks, I did NOT receive a code in the mail, and I called Privacy Guard again. The representative that I spoke with the second time, gave me a code and I was able to access the credit report. I was told that the free trial period would be extended since I was not able to use the free services during the first 3 months due to the lack of the secret code. After viewing the free credit report, I called to cancel and spoke with Chris id # 89426 on 1/6/04. He said my credit card had already been charged on 12/20/03 and he apologized that the free trial period had NOT been extended as I had been promised by the previous representative. He instructed me to cancel the account in writing for full refund within 30 days. My husband sent such a letter requesting cancellation in January 2004. Today, I received a letter, indicating that this account is still open. I called and received a cancellation number wp303261109 and was instructed to fax a request for a FULL REFUND. I have used this service ONCE – for a free credit report. I have asked to cancel this account more than once and I wish to have this cancelled and refunded in full. Julie Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72625# Consumer


b5aa4c32, 2008-03-16, 06:58PM CDT

I too, am very disappointed in Privacy Guard and would advise anyone NOT to use this company. I received reports saying "no activity" even when I actually applied for credit cards. Disenrolling was nearly impossible. Finally I said I would dispute a credit card charge if applied for their service and they gave me a confirmation number that I had stopped service. Ha! 2 months later they sent me another report saying they are still monitoring me. I don't know where to turn. Consumer affairs? Better Business Bureau? Privacy Guard is like a parasite that you can't get rid of! Don't sign up!

9e34ca28, 2008-05-19, 11:20AM CDT

I also had a terrible experience with this company. they promise credit monitoring with email allerts. I had an account with them for 3 months total. I stoppped receiveing accurate emails after my first month. And for the other 2 months I received no allerts at all. I had 9 items added to my bureau as collection items that were not mine. I didnt find out until I went to finance a house and was turned down. I did get them removed but I lost the opprotunity to purchase the house we had chosen. Another couple purchased while we were cleaning up the mess on my report that they said they could protect me from. I have asked to cancell my account, I hope they can figure it out on how to do that right.

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