Tanzanite Ring Returned to SHOPNBC

Posted on Friday, January 21st, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 10cb5655

Company: Tanzanite Ring Returned to SHOPNBC

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Tanzanite Ring Returned to SHOPNBC

I would like to report an issue that I have had with SHOPNBC in Eden Prairie, Mn.

On September 27th I purchased a tanzanite ring for $5,999.95 (5 monthly payments of $1,199.99). This was a thirtieth wedding anniversary gift from my husband. I returned the ring a little over one month later because I decided to purchase another, more expensive ring, from SHOPNBC that I liked more. Approximately two weeks later I had not received credit for my return so I contacted SHOPNBC customer service and was told that the ring was in the mail, being returned to me because the return period had expired. Customer Service then told me that they were extending the return period to 12/27/04 and that I should just re-return the merchandise when I receive it. Two days later I received the ring in the mail and repackaged it and went to the post office and returned it (all within one hour). This cost me $100 in postal fees and insurance for 2 returns but finally I thought that everything was OK. No such luck. Much to my surprise, a few days later, the ring showed up at my door again. I refused to accept it and I immediately called customer service. I explained the situation and was told that someone would get back to me. One hour later, a SHOPNBC supervisor called back and told me that the shipping department reported that the ring exibited wear on the band and that I was being held responsible and that the ring would be destroyed if I didn't request it back within a certain amount of time. I barely even wore the ring! I didn't even like it to begin with. I sent the ring back in the same condition that I received it. She said that they would continue to deduct the $1199.99 monthly value pays and that they would keep my $5999.95 and not credit my credit card account. On December 11, 2004, I referred the matter to a television host at SHOPNBC who I have corresponded with in the past. He referred the matter to the company’s President’s office the next day and, after talking to an employee in the President’s office, I thought that the matter would be rectified. Instead, I found myself calling her every few days but she was not returning my calls. No credit appeared on my account and the fourth payment of $1199.99 was debited to my credit card in late December. She finally picked up the phone in early January of this year and she told me that the committee (I don’t know who that is) reviewed the matter and decided not to refund my money because there was wear on the band . I then asked to talk to her manager and was told that her manager would call me back. I spoke to the manager and explained the entire situation. She seemed sympathetic and promised to look into the situation and get back to me the next day, which she failed to do. I continued to call her office and, after a couple of conversations over a ten day period, she called me back on January 12th and told me that she decided that SHOPNBC will not refund my money because she had inspected the ring and there was wear on the band. How can they insinuate that I damaged the ring when there was no damage the first time that I returned it? Whatever wear there is, if any, was inflicted during the multiple mailings back and forth, or at SHOPNBC. The value of the ring is in the stone, not the band but the manager of the President's office told me that if I didn’t request the ring back within a certain amount of time, they will destroy the ring. Destroy a $6000 tanzanite stone? Just more lies. I am livid. I feel that I have been treated immorally and unethically by SHOPNBC. Thus far, they have debited my credit card account for $4800.00 (four value pays of $1199.99) with the final payment of $1199.99 due to be debited the end of this month. This unethical situation has run up my credit card balance. I have disputed these charges with my credit card company but SHOPNBC is responsible and they should have issued me a credit for the merchandise. Instead, they have treated me like garbage. They have the merchandise and I don’t want it because, as I stated earlier in this letter, I purchased a nicer, even more expensive ring from SHOPNBC. They are robbing my money like unmasked bandits and, as I will not have enough credit available on the credit card when the last value pay hits the end of this month, they're trying to destroy my good credit rating as well. SHOPNBC has gone from a good company to a low life company trying to steal from their customers.I have contacted the Better Business Bureau and I'm not through with them. I'll be done when I receive my credit for $5999.95. --Susan C Whitestone, NY Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_72646# Consumer

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c458eec9, 2009-02-05, 02:26PM CST

You had the ring for a month more then likely you wore it the entire time which can cause damage..for whatever reasons, maybe you didn't get enough compliments on it so you returned it past the return date..that was your fault..you bought a more expensive ring, but instead of returning it as well in the return time limit and claiming a refund hitting them where it hurts in their pockets you kept the more expensive ring and want a refund on the first ring only...had they genuinely cheated you out of money you would have returned both rings and demanded a refund for both to teach them a lesson..personally I love my jewelry whether or not I get compliments on them or not btw nothing I own cost more then $1500.00 and I do get plenty of compliments!!

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