Posted on Monday, January 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by d9f425b1

Company: 1800Flowers.com

Category: Online Shopping

The two attributes purchasers of floral delivery services seek are: 1) quality of flowers and 2) timely delivery. This email is to warn you that 1800 Flowers does not provide the latter. Yesterday afternoon, after receiving a phone call that his cousin had died, my husband asked me to order flowers for the viewing at the funeral home, located in Staunton, Virginia. The viewing was scheduled for 7pm today (Sunday 2 January 2005). I went online and contacted Hallmark.com. After selecting a beautiful display, I clicked the order button to learn if Hallmark could accomplish the delivery within the time period requested. Hallmark immediately sent back the reply that it could not. I appreciate Hallmark's honesty. Needing the flowers to be delivered on Sunday before the 7pm viewing, I decided to seek another online delivery service. I contacted 1800 Flowers.com. After selecting a display for the decedent and a second bouquet for my husband to place on his mother's grave, I clicked the order entry button for 1800 Flowers. This time, with this vendor, the answer came back that the delivery service would accomplish the delivery within the time period requested. Satisfied, I placed my orders and paid for them at 21:49. At 2pm this afternoon my 11 year old daughter took a phone call from 1800 Flowers.com. The caller would not leave a message, just a phone number. Upon returning from grocery shopping the next hour, I immediately phoned the 1800Flowers.com number. At that time I was told that 1800 Flowers.com would not fulfill its contractual commitment and honor its obligation to deliver the bouquets in a timely fashion.

To add insult to injury, 1800Flowers.com offered no alternative (for example, seeking to obtain the flowers from another florist, whether in the city in which the funeral home was located or nearby and paying a cab to deliver them). Nor did the customer service representative, or his manager (who only identified herself as Koreen 1651) offer to credit back the charge on my credit card! Let me remind you again - not that you need reminding - when one order sflowers, two key points are uppermost in one's mind - will be flowers be beautiful and fresh, as promised and will they be delivered on time? I did not force 1800Flowers to make a promise it could not fulfill. 1800 Flowers took it upon its corporate self to lie in order to obtain my business. In my book, that's fraud.


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