KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, Austin TX Hwy 183 @ Anderson Mill Road

Posted on Wednesday, January 19th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 825ffbf9

Company: KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, Austin TX Hwy 183 @ Anderson Mill Road

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KFC - Kentucky Fried Chicken, Austin TX Hwy 183 @ Anderson Mill Road

Twice in the last month we've been left sitting out in the parking lot waiting for our order. Once purchased at the drive-thru, we're told it will be five minutes and to please pull forward, which we do. 1) First time was around the first of January. Waited 15 minutes at curb, went inside and waited ten more minutes for a total of 25 minutes for the chicken. No apology, no explanation. We didn't learn, read on... 2) Second incident, 1/16/05 11:50 AM, waited outside for 15 minutes for the popcorn chicken. Called their store from the car (512) 996-9903 and no one would pick up. Started inside the store and was met with our order by the manager. Once again no apology. Just said they were too busy to answer the their phone and here's your order. Drove home only to find OUR ORDER WAS MISSING THE POPCORN CHICKEN!

Kelly L

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c097cb73, 2009-02-09, 10:12PM CST

Worst service and food ever - There is NO consistency with this place - - WTF this is KFC - it's suppose to taste like KFC - cmon! Can I please not be screwed again in the drive thru - please hire people that can take a simple freakin order, and then deliver the appropriate napkins, DRINKS and understand what condiments are! I'm nice all day at my job - what's the matter with a "your welcome!?"

784b06dc, 2010-05-27, 09:26PM CDT

My goodness ...in this day and age you'd think "management" would keep track of this kind of stuff!

Maybe that's the problem ...'management' is the very people perpetrating this junk.

We still haven't learned our lesson about fast foods places, I guess.

We stopped at this very store a couple of days ago and ordered 3 different $5 box combos. NOT ONE OF THEM was filled correctly, we found later after NOT checking our take out order when it was ready.

Box #1 - ordered "Original" got crispy, one biscuit and NO mashed potatoes.

Box #2 - same as Box #1 but ordered extra side - got the extra side but get crispy instead of "original" and, you guessed it, NO mashed potatoes!

Box #3 - ordered 'grilled' - got crispy but it did include the mashed potatoes!

Really, how freaking incompetent can one business be? And how coincidental that this is the SAME STORE complained about in this article!


40489806, 2014-02-10, 12:51PM CST

If you really get this upset over getting fast food, cook your own meals at home. These people are trying their best to keep the hundreds of customers they get a day happy, they may mess up on a order here and there or forget a napkin or to but are you really going to let that get you so upset? Jesus people it's fast food for god sake you don't even need it. They are doing their best and everyone makes mistakes even you.

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