Posted on Thursday, January 13th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 47f43640

Company: Radioshack

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I purchased a Kyocera cellphone at radioshack last month. The salesperson said that the phone was $50 with a $30 activation fee, bringing a total of $85 with a 1 yr activation. When I got my first bill from Verizon I was suprised to see another charge of $30 for activation. I called Verizon and said that Radioshack is not supposed to charge for activation. Going back to the radioshack store, I talked to an employee and he said that the salesperson gave me incorrect information and that the person no longer worked there. However he did not give me the refund for the

overcharge. I tried calling the 800 number for radioshack, but they were not helpful at all. The salesperson clearly lied to me and charged me a fraudulent activation fee, and yet a corporation as large as RS made no effort to amend the situation. I will never buy anything from RS in the future. Louis T Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_71896# Consumer


ac846ded, 2008-06-11, 03:07PM CDT

Well, they can't just add things to your bill. It was probably a legitimate sale, but the salesperson just didn't know what he was charging you for when it was really just part of the pricing. But trust me, employees can't just add prices to you ticket for no reason.

aef70462, 2008-08-01, 12:30PM CDT

The other 30 dollar charge was probably tax for the phone. They cant add any new charges. It will also say what the 30 dollars charge was for on the receipt.

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