2000 Dodge Durango

Posted on Tuesday, January 11th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 9330f9d6

Company: 2000 Dodge Durango

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2000 Dodge Durango


My detailed complaint is about a product (2000 Dodge Durango).




Well, I've learned my lesson. A great looking truck, very functional with 3rd row seating, but absolutely a money pit. I continue to pay a hefty truck payment and POUR money into it. At 37,000 miles, AC: Drier and front expansion valve failure. Replaced front expansion valve and receiver drier. ($1300) At 44,000 miles, Front End: Lower control arm bushings and upper spring bushings and new control arm. Replace right lower control arm and spring cushions. Align front end. ($700) At 49,000 miles, Front end issues again. Took back to dealer on original work. Not sure exactly what they did, but something to do with bushings again. At 56,000 miles, driver window motor replaced. ($200) Currently, at 67,000, I'm experiencing 3 more issues. (1) I've been experiencing the "sludge" build-up that I've seen all over the Internet. My oil pressure was going from 40 PSI to 0...back and forth. The dealer flushed my engine & changed the oil. It was fine for about 7 months. Now, it's back. I'm looking at another $350 to now replace the oil pump, oil screen, pan and I need to start using synthetic oil with every change. (2) The passenger window is making a crazy noise when locking. The dealer says it's the lock actuator and I'm looking at $200 for that. (3) Hatch/lift support struts are gone. They don't hold up my hatch door any longer. I'm looking at $125 for the pair. Other misc. stuff not right... - Front brake rotors warped. Truck shakes when braking - Back speakers blown. How does that happen with a factory radio/CD unit? Summary I love the way this truck looks, leather seats, 3rd row seating, dual air...but it is a lemon. I will never, ever buy another Dodge. I think it's time I go to a Honda or Toyota SUV to see if the rumors are true. I really can't believe the quality in my Durango. It is a junker. Do not let the great looks fool you. You'll go broke sinking money to keep in running.

Rick M

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