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Posted on Sunday, January 2nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a9640800

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compaq presario

Our names are Priscilla & Cynthia. We have a new computer to add to the four that we already have. We decided to purchase 2 new one for our separate business. Unfortunately we purchased from wal-mart. One of those computers works fine.

The other has been returned 8-times. I spoke with a rep he said there was a problem in the switch and he told me to take it back to wal-mart upon my 6th trip to Wal-mart they were more than a little upset and irrate in which I also got. On the seveneth purchase I called again and the rep said well how many have you had. I told him he explained that I could send it in. I did he said it would be repaired. Well again it worked for 2-weeks and amaginly shut down again. I called and got another rep and asked for the supervisor.

Well the supervisor said He would not get on the phone and speak to me. I am four months behind in work due to try to hand write every proposal and the company appears to think I have the problem. You give us rep when can not understand and then they say they have called me and have not. All they can tell me is to plug it in somewhere else. It's dead. So i want them to send me my money or send me a dog on computer that works more than 2-weeks.

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