wells fargo mortgage: insurance claim dept

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Company: wells fargo mortgage: insurance claim dept

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wells fargo mortgage: insurance claim dept

the business is wells fargo home mortgage insurance claim department, located @ 4680 hallmark parkway san bernardino, CA 92407 i live in Fl, and have my mortgage with wells fargo. i was struck by hurricane Charley on august 13th,

2004. my insurance company was very swift, and no problems with my claim. I received the check and

signed it a mailed to wells fargo. on the 10th of October i received my first installment of three. i

was to get 50% of the house repaired with one third the funds.

well i did, and called on the 16th of December to order my 50% inspection, was told to fax my receipts and my inspection would immediately be ordered. my receipts were faxed the 19th and processed on the 21st. i figured with the holidays there would be delays, so i contacted them after the first, my inspection had not even been ordered! but they would take care of that now, i should hear from

the inspector in a week. well on 10th i called, and was told the would expedite my inspection, would hear from some one in 3 days. on the 13th i called again, another expiated email, would hear from some one in 3 days. well i waited the rest of the week and weekend, Monday i called again, this time i was put on hold while they contacted the inspection field office, was told i would here from some one in, you guessed it, 3 days. well 3 days later, called again on the 20th, and this time i was told that the inspector had contacted Me on the 19th and left a message.

this never happened, so they contacted the field office again, and was told i would receive a call in 24 hours. i called back the next afternoon was told i would hear from the inspector that Saturday (and yes they were working Saturdays). well Monday i called again, this time they gave me the number to first American field services. i called them, was told i would hear something in 48 hours. well i called again, and this time talked to a transferred to a supervisors voice mail and was told that they we calling back. well after 2 more messages and 3 days later, i got a call back, and she would personally contact the local office, and i would hear some thing in 48 hours.

well that Monday i call wells fargo back, and spoke to a supervisor there who contacted another supervisor at first American. was told that it was taken care of and i would hear from someone immediately. well, i call first American 2 days later and spoke to another supervisor who told me that they were not scheduling inspections in the hardest hit areas, because the inspectors could do it sooner. she told me that she could call them and have them call me or schedule me an appointment 2 weeks out! well , i told her that was unacceptable, and that if that was the case then if they would have scheduled my appointment as soon as the got it i would have had my inspection 2 weeks ago. so i hung up and called wells fargo and demanded to speak to a supervisor(cause they never want to let you speak to one).

i was told that they have a new inspection company and that they would make an appointment with them, and that if i did not receive a call by Tuesday afternoon to call back. well i called back this morning and I'm getting the same thing. I'm fed up! my house is worth $20,000 more with the damage then i owe wells fargo. i have two small children living in a house with no floors, half a kitchen, no inside door and one working bathroom. I'm going to have to sell my house to avoid full loan liens that are about to be placed on my house from the contractors, because wells fargo want to hold on to my money as long as possible. i just want to fix my house, i don't want to sell, but it is almost worth it to end the aggravation, plus i could make a bit of money. I'm about to contact a lawyer because I'm not sure what else to do. i have contact my state attorney generals office who transferred me to the department of financial services. they are supposed to be contacting wells fargo. any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

jeremy i

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2f1b3b25, 2008-10-31, 06:22AM CDT

I've recieved about the same lowsy service after hurricane Ike. Travelers was great, but if they hadn't written me an interim check, I'd still be without a roof 6 weeks later. Wells Fargo told me the check I was required to overnight to them would be processed in 48 hours. It was actually processed in about 9 days. They told me my check "went out" Friday, one week ago, and I still have not recieved it. Is their claims department in Bangladesh? How long can it take to mail something in the US?

I was fortunate enough to live in a "disaster" area, so they're sending me $20,000 right back for repairs. Otherwise, I'd have to do 50% of the repairs with only 1/3 of the money.

My advice is DO NOT sign your check over to them. Insist on an escrow account in a seperate bank with that bank managers oversight, so Wells Fargo can be overridden. If they refuse, and you don't have much equity, give them the house back without giving them the check and let them fight to get the money and then repair it!

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