Prominent Atlanta Area Home Builder (John Wieland Homes)

Posted on Wednesday, February 9th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a4d071f7

Company: Prominent Atlanta Area Home Builder (John Wieland Homes)

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Prominent Atlanta Area Home Builder (John Wieland Homes)

John Wieland Homes 1950 Sullivan Road Atlanta, Georgia 30337

I believe I may be out of options to get my home builder ( John Wieland Homes) to make good on his warranty. As a victim of a 5 year warranty struggle with John Wieland's evasive tactics -- I am a soldier stationed at FT Gillem, GA recently returning from Operation Iraqi Freedom. I purchased a home from John Wieland in October,1999. John Weiland's offer came with a 5 year warranty on new homes. About 6 months after the purchase I noticed that the hardwood floors started to buckle. A year later I noticed a pool of water forming outside my house in certain locations.

I have contacted John Wieland each time I noticed things. Listed below is a chronological list of events depicted John Wieland's response. As of 8 February 2005 after paying out of pocket to a leak detection company we identified the cause of all these problems to be a broken pipe beneath the foundation. I can only surmise that a vehicle went over it and broke it during construction. With this leak detection company's assistance I was able to successfully document the cause and effect. I should point out that I also had to pay for a general contractor, mold remediation, plumber, as well as the leak detection company. My primary concern now is the value of my house lost of personnel income. I understand that I will have to disclose all of these problems and very concerned about the potential loss in value to my house. I believe there are several creative ways to offset this concern but it would require John Wieland to make good on his failure to adequately address these problems for the last 5 years. Chronological List of Work order requests to John Wieland Corporation: April 1999 -- Hard wood Floor in Foyer Buckling; October 2000 Excessive water leakage outside of home; May 2001 Excessive water leakage outside of home January 2004 Excessive water leakage in driveway and on side of home; July 2004 Excessive water leakage in driveway and on side of home.

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c9adeba3, 2008-08-30, 10:45AM CDT

We Bought a John Weiland Home in January 2004, in NC. We were very impressed with all their warranty programs, that was the main reason to go with this builder. We took a lot of upgrades and one of them is Whirlpool built in Microwave/Oven. Model: GMC 305PDS07. This was an upgraded Stainless steel appliance. It is covered under warranty for 5 years. we bought the home in 2004. Since we moved into this house I have had problems with this microwave which stops abruptly in the middle of heating food. And, on the display panel where you see the time, all weird characters appear. Then we have to restart the clock setting all over again. We have been reporting this annoying problems since 2004. John Weiland Homes sent Appliance Connections and A&E repair service to check. We were told that they can't fix it and they have to replace the built in Appliance. It was never taken care of. This is a major defect and very frustrating. Last month when we requested the builder to resolve the issue, Larry Logan a manager at the JW Homes stopped by and apologized and promised that he would contact Whirlpool and replace the existing defecting one with a new one. Now I have recieved a letter in the mail saying that Whirlpool doesn't think its a problem and can't do anything about it. According to our contract, this is still under warranty, which will expire in the next 5 months.

We hope John Weiland and Whirlpool take this issue seriously and resolve the issue. Also we hope others who experience similar problems come forward and post them on the web.


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