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Posted on Tuesday, February 8th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 0544bf3f

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To Whom It May Concern: The items Shawn Martin ordered were shipped and delivered in a timely manner. When Ms. Martin contacted our company we informed her that USPS had indeed delivered her order and she replied that she lived in an area where it is likely that her items had been stolen and that we should refund her money. When we explained that we were not responsible for the theft of her item she became verbally aggressive and hung up. Several weeks after our conversation USPS returned our package as REFUSED from Shawn Martin. Please see the tracking information from USPS below.

Track and Confirm

Shipment Details

You entered 9101 1288 8230 0129 7717 05 Your item was delivered at 11:44 am on March 28, 2005 in KLAMATH FALLS, OR 97602. Here is what happened earlier:

REFUSED, March 19, 2005, 12:39 pm, POMPANO BEACH, FL 33069

DELIVERED, January 21, 2005, 3:47 pm, POMPANO BEACH, FL 33069


Shawn Martin Did indeed file a complaint with the Oregon Dept. of Justice who promptly dropped the case upon receiving the above information. She also filed a complaint with PayPal who dismissed the case as well. I have no explanation as to why Shawn Martin felt the need to act in this manner. RMac Enterprises Inc./Bio-Alternatives.net is a reputable and customer friendly organization as evidenced by our high volume of repeat clients. Thank you, Mark Cave

RMac Enterprises Inc.


To Whom it May Concern, I am writing with regards to a complaint that I have with a alternative health products company which uses the names RMac Enterprises and Bio-alternatives.net. My complaint is that I purchased goods from this company on January 14, 2005 and have only received one item out of the two items that I paid for. The item that I have not received is a jar of Inositol powder for which I paid a total of $20.98 this price included the cost of shipping via USPS. I paid for this item via Paypal on January 14, 2005. As I said I had purchased two separate orders from RMac Enterprises- Bio-alternatives.net on the same day and according to their records both orders were delivered on January 21, 2005. To date I have only received one of my purchases from this company. I contacted RMac Enterprises, Bio-alternatives.net via email on January 25, 2005 with regard to my missing order and was told that they shipped my order out and that their records showed that the order was delivered on January 21, 2005. They also stated that they tracked the package via USPS and that the package had been delivered to a address in Pompano Beach, Florida so I needed to take the matter up with USPS. I too had contacted USPS and had the same package tracking information regarding the package. I exchanged 3 emails with RMac Enterprises, Bio-alternatives.net complaining that I had paid for this product and expected to receive what I paid for or a prompt refund. The only response that I ever

received from them was that the package had been delivered and it was up to me to deal with the situation. At one point they even sent me a copy of the USPS tracking information that I had already received from USPS. That evening I found a telephone number on their website and called them to complain over the phone. I spoke to Mr. Mark Cave who identified himself as the manager. Mark told me that he paid USPS to deliver the package and that it was now out of his hands. (I paid to have USPS deliver the package, not Mark Cave!) I told Mark that I would be contacting the Better Business Bureau, the Federal Trade Commission, the Attorney Generals office and Paypal to file complaints. He ended our conversation with Ill look into it and you can do whatever you want (with regard to my filing complaints). Today I contacted USPS again regarding this problem and they have put another inquiry into their system regarding this matter. I have been ripped off. I do not see any other way to look at this and I want to warn others about this company. I'm out $20.98 but if someone ordered multiple products from these people they could easily lose hundreds of dollars. To me it's not the money it's the way this company Mark Cave in particular has treated me. Contact information for RMac Enterprises, Bio-alternatives.net is as follows 866-882-0213 and their mailing address is RMac Enterprises

PO box 7147

Klamath Falls, OR 97601 Website http://www.bio-alternatives.net/index.htm

Thank you, Shawn


42992e30, 2009-12-23, 11:29PM CST

I have ordered SEVERAL times from Bio-Alternatives/RMac Enterprises Inc. I have received everything I ordered & any questions have been answered promptly. I wish EVERY co. treated people this well.

1 Happy Customer,


e82141ed, 2012-11-16, 02:36PM CST

I have purchased 100% pure emu oil in the past. The product I received is clear, liquid at room temperature and the label states it is "pharmaceudical grade". however, emu oil -- REAL emu oil, that is -- doesn't leave a greasy oily film and is opaque and creamy. However this "pure" product looks, feels, and applies like cheap mineral oil. It is NOT genuine emu oil because it is not absorbed like real emu oil and it leaves a greasy film on everything after applying. It is quite the common practice for dealers to cut the genuine emu oil product with mineral oil. I paid $18 for a product that is predominantly mineral oil -- Be assured, I won't be a returning customer. Furthermore, I now don't trust the ALA supplements I purchased at this point. I certainly wouldn't want to risk my health by ingesting a Bio-Alt product after being misled on a topical product.

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