Bedroom U.S.A. and tempurdic mattress

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Company: Bedroom U.S.A. and tempurdic mattress

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Bedroom U.S.A. and tempurdic mattress

On December 29, 2004, we decided to possibly purchase a tempurpedic mattress. We located the closest store that sells tempurpedic, which is Bedroom U.S.A. in Roseville, CA. We saw the advertisement on T.V. and also in the book "Live Now, Age Later" by Isadore Rosenfeld, M.D., both stated that you can try a tempurpedic mattress on a trial basis free of charge.

The salesmen at Bedroom U.S.A. told us that we may try out the mattress and if we didn't like it, we could return it for a $50.00 fee.

We decided on the celebrity set, which has a pillow top. We agreed to pay $3024.00, put it on my credit card and signed the invoice.

They delivered the mattress on January 7, 2005. A few days later, we noticed the pillow had shifted over to one side. I tried to unzip the mattress top, however, the zipper kept getting stuck. We went back to the store and told them about the mattress problem. The salesman said "We've never had that problem before" (very sarcastically). I asked him to come to our home and check it out. He ignored me and I said please pick up the mattress and please give me a refund minus the $50.00 pick up fee.

He said they do not give back refunds and we would have to get a store credit. He said look on the back of the invoice that I signed and it indicates that we have a 30-day exchange guarantee. It also states that we may exchange it for something of equal or lesser value. If you choose the lesser value, the difference will not be given.

I was horrified when I read that. He just said sign here, which I did. The copy I received is very difficult to read, it is light pink with a very light gray writing on the back of my copy.

We thought about trying another tempurpedic mattress, but why would we pay the same price for a cheaper version? We checked out all their other mattresses and could not find anything we liked (they do not carry any other major brands).

The salesman said to get an estimate from another company and they would try to match it. We did so and took it back to Bedroom U.S.A. He then said Sarah from the Warehouse would contact us and see if they could match the price, which they could not. I told Sarah that I wanted a refund and she said it would cost us $756.00 for a restocking fee, plus the $50.00 pick up fee and that was final. I then hung up on her because I was so distraught.

They picked up the mattress on January 18, 2005, and gave me a check for $2,268.00 (they subtracted the $756.00, and did not charge the $50.00 pick up fee).

The bottom line: The salesmen lied to us. My husband directly asked him if we wanted to return it, how much they would charge if it did not suit our needs and he told us $50.00 and we accepted his word as true. We don't know if you can help us get our money back or not, but other people should be made aware of how they do business.

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