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Company: American TV and Electronics in O'Fallon Illinois

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American TV and Electronics in O'Fallon Illinois

failure to uphold agreement

To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Alyscia B and this is my complaint against American TV and Electronics in O'Fallon Illinois.

On November 7th, 2004 I went to American TV to purchase a new recliner for my aunt. My aunt is disabled and she asked me to do the leg work and find her a new recliner. There were a few requirements this recliner had to have; One is a pull button instead of a pull handle ( my aunt is not strong enough to pull on a handle to recline) and the recliner must be quality built for my Aunt Diane sleeps in it because she can not lay down due to her asthma.

After visiting four furniture stores my husband referred me to American TV, they recently opened and were willing to make a good impression. I spoke with Daniel Richards, salesman (unsure of last name) and he recommended a certain recliner at a great price that fit my aunts requirements. I ordered the recliner that night with the impression that I could take it home immediately. Daniel said no that it had to be ordered. I requested the floor model would be O.K. but he said no, company policy prohibited it. Daniel said it would be ready for pick up by the 16th of November.

I called the 16th of November ready to pick up recliner but the Rep on call said that it would be in on the 18th of November,

(keeping in mind that my aunt is in need of this recliner). After setting up the necessary arrangements to pick up the recliner, I called the furniture department to varify that it was in. IT WAS NOT. Floor display was. I asked to speak to the manager in charge. Randy the department manager, said company policy was not to give out specific dates because they could not gaurantee the date. He had no way of telling when it would be in. The floor display is still there. So I called daily to see if it was in.

On the 28th of November, I made my daily call and it was in. I told the salesman to hold on to it I would be there on the 30th to pick it up. The same day someone from American called to let me know it was in and ready for pick up.

On the 30th of November my husband and my brother in law went to pick up the recliner. My husband called me and told me it was a loveseat and I told him no, it's a chair and half recliner. My husband asked the warehouseman to double check to make sure it was correct. The warehouseman said the sku numbers were correct but he thought it was a loveseat. My husband knew the since of urgency for my aunt and picked up the piece of furniture anyway.

My aunt called me that night and confirmed what my husband said that it was a loveseat.

My husband and I went back to the store just to varify what he had picked up. We stopped Randy the department manager and explained what had happened. The computers were down but he assured us that the correct recliner was in and he would call in the morning to schedule free delivery and pick up. HE DID NOT CALL THAT MORNING. I called the store that afternoon and asked for Randy. Randy was off so I spoke to Tom. Tom informed me that the particular recliner that we had ordered WAS NOT in stock but we could have the FLOOR MODEL at a discount with free delivery but he had to call Randy to to get his approval. At this time the store manager refused to get involved. Randy called me back and said that Tuesday was the earliest. I agreed but I needed to make arrangements with my aunt to see if that was O.K.. It was so I tried to call Randy,back. He refused to answer or call me back. I called Tom at the store, he refused to answer my calls. So I decided to call the "corporate headquarters".

I spoke to a woman in customer care. I explained that it had to be Saturday not Tuesday, she said that would be O.K. I asked about the discount on the Floor Display she informed me that I needed to talk to the store. At this time I got my father (my aunt's brother) involved. He called spoke to the store manager, Joe. Joe apologized and said the $50 discount for the Floor Model was company policy and the check would be mail to my aunt directly.

Now here it is February 5th and my aunt has not received her $50 Floor Display discount check nor even a letter of apology or a letter of thank you for the business. What she has recevied is a piss poor attitude from Randy every time she calls to inquire about the discount check. All we are asking for is what was promised to us.

Thank You


Alyscia B

p.s. If you think your exhausted from reading this account, try doing business with American TV

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86220b58, 2009-09-19, 02:06PM CDT

I wouldn't generalized this with American. I have worked with Carrie at the O'Fallon IL store on several furniture items and reselections. She goes above and beyond. I feel so bad you had so many problems. Perhaps the store was new and was in the process of weeding out the substandard sales personnel. I am not making excuses, your experience was horrible. I just know first hand that Carrie in furniture is the best I have ever dealt with anywhere. Good luck with future experiences and give Carrie a chance. I am sure you will be happy.

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