Colamco changes prices AFTER internet sales

Posted on Sunday, February 27th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by c141f2ec

Company: Colamco changes prices AFTER internet sales

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Colamco changes prices AFTER internet sales



975 Florida Central Pkwy., Suite 1100

Longwood, FL 32750-7634


Phone: (407) 331-3737

Toll free: (800) 327-2722

Fax: (407)331-8953 If this is not fraud, it is at least an unethical business practice. I purchased [quantity of two (2)] of an individual item on the website on 2/19/2005 and paid with my credit card. On 2/22/2005 I received an email from the company claiming “a problem with

part numbers” on their website and stating that they had canceled my order. After receiving their email on 2/22/2005, I looked up the item on the website and found that all information, including the part number, was the same with one exception. The price on the item was raised from $144.80 to $192.47, an increase of $47.67. On 2/24/2005 I attempted to reply to the email from 2/22/2005 and received an out of office auto-reply from the customer service rep, Christine Quinones. I then called the company at (800)327-2722 and spoke with Marlene, the customer service manager. Marlene stated that they determined that they could not afford to ship the product at the price that was on their website at the time of my transaction. When I asked Marlene if she was “seriously refusing to honor my transaction” she replied, “yes.” Marlene then refused to send me an email documenting her response. Colamco generated sales responses and transactions with their Internet advertising, linked through as lowest priced merchant for this item. In my opinion a contract was executed at the time that I purchased the product on their website. While it may be normal and acceptable for a merchant to cancel a transaction for lack of payment, this was not the case. In fact, although my payment was approved by their online processing system they refused to process the transaction and ship the

product. Documentation of this transaction, price change and related email communications are attached for your information. I only desire the completion of original contract. The company should honor their contract and sell me 2 of the offered product at the original price of $144.80 each (total $289.60) and ship at no charge, per the terms of the original contract. Although I would appreciate any assistance you may be willing to offer, I believe it is more important for people to know about a business that arbitrarily changes their prices after a transaction is consummated and treats the public like ignorant cattle with no rights.

Charles S

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