Goodyear Auto Service Center, 8590 Concord Mills Drive, Concord, NC 28026

Posted on Sunday, February 27th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 1ba77a5f

Company: Goodyear Auto Service Center, 8590 Concord Mills Drive, Concord, NC 28026

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Goodyear Auto Service Center, 8590 Concord Mills Drive, Concord, NC 28026


704-979-1060 First let me say I have no complaint with Goodyear tires. My complaint is regarding the tire service received at this location. I purchased 4 of their best tires and have been pleased. While washing my wheels I noticed the head of a nail deeply imbedded in the center of the tire (not flat). I went to the service center and the attendant took my vehicle in for service and I left for the 2+ hour wait - no problem. Upon return to pick up the vehicle I was presented with a $31.00 bill. When I asked why the multiple competing tire chains in the area have never charged for the same service - even without a $600 purchase, I was informed it was because I did not purchase a service contract (I was never offered such a contract)and also because of the "quality of their repair - "we do it right, not a simple patch".

I was NOT pleased and vowed never to return. I inspected the repair and could still see the mark left from the nail (I thought the "quality" plug would be visible versus the non-visible interior patch). Well the next morning the "quality repair" failed & I had a flat in the driveway. After changing the tire I fully inspected it for damage to find only the hole left from the first repair. I was at the shop when it opened to complain. I requested a refund since his only good reason for charging me was the "quality of the repair" but agreed to first check out the failure.

I was informed I had a nail hole in the tire. I stated my disbelief and said you are NOT going to convince me this was another nail (no flats in years) and he could not produce the nail and said - "It is what it is". The attendant doing the work was a young man who was struggling with replacing the spare underneath the vehicle following the repair.

Since the rear of the vehicle was at the garage door near where I was seated outside the shop, I offered to assist the tech in the "trick" red to put the spare back despite the dirty looks of the manager watching me speak with his staff. I took the opportunity to ask what had caused another flat. He looked towards the manager than at the ground and replied "another nail." Again I stated my disbelief and he walked away. When the tech brought my vehicle out of the shop I again asked the real problem and I was told the repair leaked and he patched it again.

The manager had now walked out to give me the no charge bill. I looked at him as the tech had caught him in his lie and stated in front of all customers that he should get his "story" straight before lying to his customers and left. I hope the young tech was not reprimanded but I cannot sit idle when I receive such a substandard quality of service and cannot tolerate being lied to in this way. I tried to find a web site for Goodyear to complain but was unsuccessful. Bill W Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_73302# Consumer


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