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Posted on Saturday, February 26th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by e4556c20

Company: Crimestopper Car Alarms

Location: Larry Peterson 1770 S. Tapo Street


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

I purchased a Crimestopper car alarm back in September 2004 from a factory authorized dealer whose address is also in Simi Valley and the owners name happens to match one of Crimestopper's technical support reps. Anyway, after considerable trouble to install the unit (they provided no instructions and want additional money for them) I finally had the alarm in my vehicle. Within 7 days the LED light that mounts on the dashboard stopped working. Then shortly thereafter the Valet Button, which is used to disarm the alarm and enter it into programming mode, started to function erratically. I contact the gentleman who sold me the alarm and was told I had to contact the manufacturer as it was them who warrantied the equipment. This was consistent with the sales invoice so I turned to Crimestopper. After several emails and leaving several messages on their answering machine in an attempt to contact Crimestopper, I finally received an email from Mike, who was now playing the role of Tech Support instead of Factory Authorized Distributor, which informed me to send him my address and he would get the replacement part out to me right away. After 2 weeks I began the long process of trying to contact someone again to inquire as to why I had not received the replacement part. Finally, Mike emailed me back and informed me that I had to call the Product Return phone number to obtain a RA# so I could return the parts for replacement. Several times I called and left messages but never a return call. By now the siren of the alarm had quit functioning as well. I started calling every number and emailing every email address I could find as this was getting out of hand. Finally I received an email from Larry Peterson, the supposed Technical Support Director, whom very rudely asking me what my problem was. After explaining the situation he replied that he did not know the distributor I was referring to and that they (Crimestopper) were manufacturers and do not handle customer complaints, warranty returns, etc.

I pointed out that the name of the distributor worked on his staff, the distributor's address is right there in Simi Valley, and asked why they had a Technical Support department and a phone number for Product Returns if they did not handle these situations? I also asked why I was being told they would send me replacement parts and asked to call for an RA# if there was no chance of receiving any such service. I also inquired as to why all the components had Made in Taiwan stamped all over them if they were manufacturers of this product. Well, Mr. Peterson responded in a very smug, immature and unprofessional manner that it sounded like a personal problem and that maybe I should have purchased their product from a better source instead of the cheapest place I could find it and there was nothing they could do for me. So, these products are being sold all over the internet by, who knows??, advertised as having warranties and install instructions, the products do not work, and there is nobody to call for support or for warranty claims. Mr. Peterson obviously thinks this is a game and seems to be having fun ripping folks off. I wonder how funny it is going to be when he is contacted by the FBI and FTC regarding the complaints I am filing against him. I ended up purchasing a real car alarm from a real company, it installed and is working great. The Crimestopper sits in the box I received it in as a $200 reminder of buying products from fraudulent scam artists and children. Do Not Buy a CrimeStopper Alarm!! You will get ripped off folks. I am still shocked as to the way I was treated by Mr. Peterson and his condescending rude attitude. It is bad enough to get scammed but then to be treated in a hostile and smug way just adds insult to injury. All I wanted was an alarm that worked. I just wanted what I paid for. This is by no means over, actually this is just the beginning Mr. Peterson.



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81434851, 2008-01-27, 09:50AM CST

Similar story from Dana Lincoln Mercury in Staten Island New York. At the dealer the individul who installed it of course did not "work" for Mercury, He worked out of the dealers garage bay, first time i had a problem i did some attempted troubleshooting when the car did not start. (i am an Electrrician), I noticed all splices were twisted together with tape. After finding one of these that were "open" i made the quick repair, returned immediatly to the dealer and demanded that all splices to be "but spliced" with proper connectors. After a rather loud discussion ensued, the alarm installer was basically ordered by the dealers manager to do this. 2 years later, this alarm is eratic, and I am in the process of having it replaced.

710aabef, 2008-02-01, 07:49PM CST

I have a similar story to add to this. I purchased a Crimestopper alarm a while back. Yesterday i decided to install it. There were pretty good instructions(if you know what all the tech talk is) and a detailed map of wires. I have installed MANY alarms in the past but this was the first crimestopper brand. When the system was all hooked up, if you bumped the wires that connected into the alarm it would shut off and restart itself(a short somewhere inside the alarm itself) followed by the electronic locks un-locking. No big deal, i figured i would just be careful with the wires. When the alarm was all hooked up and done, i tried the lock and unlock features, everything worked fine, except no sound from the siren. I even tried to set the alarm off with no sound. The alarm module was clicking and the parking lights were flashing and the starter disable turned the power to the starter off. If i put my ear up to the siren I could hear a small clicking sound and nothing more. I checked for voltage at the siren when the buttons were pressed and i got a small voltage reading when i unlocked or locked the alarm, but no sound output. I tried a spare siren thinking i might have gotten a bad siren, no luck. I called CrimeStopper and they guy there told me it sounded like i would need a relay for the siren to work. I thought this was really weird because i have never needed a relay for the siren to work on any of the alarms i have installed, and the installation booklet said nothing about a relay. Talk about the crappiest equipment i have ever seen!!!! I bought a $37 car alarm for a friend and it worked better than that piece of junk. DON'T BUY CRIMESTOPPER PRODUCTS!!!!!!!!

You just connect the siren output to the positive siren wire, no relay needed.(besides...the alarm has an internal relay) I went through the whole system and checked for open circuts(i even checked each wire while i was installing.) I then tried the other keypad and it started to malfunction. This is ridiculous

3e3a1eeb, 2008-03-10, 05:19PM CDT

I just hada crimestopper alarm put in today. Paid 174. Hope it works for awhile. Gee, after hearin all the complaints, I dunno!!

827d3c36, 2008-07-02, 01:30PM CDT

I just received my crimestopper in the mail. That i bought on amazon. Which came from a different warehouse company. I haven't installed it yet but the main reason i bought it was the price. I only paid under 50.00 dollars with s/h. It came with difficult instructions but i'm curious to see if it works. It is basically brand new so i think it should work.

d1018d43, 2008-11-11, 10:13AM CST

I have been installing Crimestopper

products for close to twenty years

and have had no major problems with

their product or support

More than likely it was due to the

instal not the product any problems

with service would be due to unauthorized installers

bc38feb5, 2011-06-03, 02:07PM CDT

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