1t3.com - 1t3.com and PayPal COMPLAINT

Posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 81850497

Product: PayPal

Company: 1t3.com

URL: http://www.lt3.com

Category: Online Shopping

I ordered a website package from www.1t3.com and there were problems galore. I logged into my control panel only after problems with the user name and password they gave me. The account details said that i never paid. But I did pay. It was $49.95 us. I sent them the email and everything showing them all the proper information. I kept emailing them before with all the problems. They never responded in a proper manner about my problems with their service. It was often delayed or never answered at all.

I then decided to give PayPal a complaint about the 1t3 service. After I gave the complaint to PayPal, 1t3 decided they would finally email me asking for my transaction ID AGAIN. I then replied to

the email saying that I want my money back and that i will not give them the transaction ID # AGAIN. I find it strange that a company asked for my ID twice when they should have had it in the first place. PayPal reviewed the case and said they cant do anything about it because it was a "virtual" purchase they couldnt do anything. Personally I dont see what the problem is.

I was screwed out of money and all i wanted was my refund back. As a consumer not getting the proper treatment, I think I deserve a refund. Obviously PayPal and 1t3.com don't that is true. So beware of PayPal and 1t3.com as both companies are a scam and do not give scammed consumers their money back. Damage Resulting = I am now out of $49.95. I paid fair and square and wanted my refund after problems with the company. I worked hard for that money and now I have nothing. So there it is 50 dollars down the drain.

Everything could be put to rest if i just get my money back.



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