Northrop Homes Construction located in Milton, Florida

Posted on Thursday, February 24th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by aaaf863d

Company: Northrop Homes Construction located in Milton, Florida

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Northrop Homes Construction located in Milton, Florida

We have been dealing with Northrop Homes Construction located in Milton, Florida. The owner is Sonny Northrop. He has recently completed a new house for us, and we were completely unsatisfied from the very beginning. First of all, it was only supposed to take 4 to 5 months to build our house. It ended up taking 11 months. Then, they positioned our house in the wrong place, and to make up for it, he paid $2,000.00 towards concrete to finish our driveway. This was the only good thing he did do. He has forgotten to do several things to our house that were on the plans, such as put in our plant ledge, put in bullnosing, forgot an outside faucet, shelves in my kitchen cabinets, and other little things. We have finally just gotten him to fix our grout in our tile.

It only took him 4 months to do that after the closing. After they tiled our floor, we have had thinset coming through our grout. We also had grout smeared all over my floor. It took him hiring a new person to come out and fix the grout because Mike refused to, even after he has already been paid to do so. It has always been like pulling teeth to get him to come out to our house and do anything. We ended up having to write him a letter around December 24, 2004. We have told him that we would take him to court if that meant getting everything fixed and completed. He had a foreman working for him by the name of Mike. We have had as many problems with him as we have had with Sonny himself. They have been very unprofessional with us, even getting into yelling matches with us. Sonny Northrop does not know how to run a business. We are not the only ones with complaints about him. There are five other houses on our street that he built, and every one of them still as something wrong with their house. No one has been happy with his work and I would not recommend him to anyone. He builds a fairly good house, but getting him to do it right and in the time frame he first tells you is nearly impossible.

Kelly N

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