2002 Mitsubishi Lancer - 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer - Dan Georger Mitsubishi Dealership, Williamsville, NY 14228

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2002 Mitsubishi Lancer - Dan Georger Mitsubishi Dealership, Williamsville, NY 14228

Aleksandra J. T December 29, 2004 Mr. Finbarr O'Neill

President & CEO

MITSUBISHI Motors Credit of America, Inc.

Lease Service

P. O. Box 6014

Cypress, CA 90630 RE: 2002 Mitsubishi Lancer

leased through

Dan Georger Mitsubishi Dealership

7420 Transit Road

Williamsville, NY 14228 Dear Mr. O'Neill: I am extremely frustrated and angry. Apparently no one wants to assume fault with the lemon that I have been leasing since 2002. The second week of my ownership of the vehicle I have had problems - squeaking of the brakes. My complaining to the dealer about this was shrugged off, at first, then, the owner told me that it was in my head; later on he called me a liar. Great doing business with someone who calls his customers names...The noise progressed to such a level that I had strangers tell me to get the brakes checked. My response to this advice was, "What noise? Dan Georger told me it's all in my mind!" Quite a few expletives pertaining to Georger were uttered. November 24, 2004 I brought the car in to my neighborhood garage for an oil change. The owner came up to me and asked whether I was aware that I was driving on four (4) BALD TIRES and that both rotors were broken! Upon my arrival home, I immediately called the dealership and spoke to the service person. Made an appointment for Mitsubishi to check my car on Monday, November 29, 2004. Also called the Yokahama Tire Company in California to inquire how it was possible that I was driving on four bald tires. The individual that I spoke with was unable to give me an answer, when I requested to speak to a supervisor or manager, he informed me that there was none! I expect my father to be reimbursed, by Mitsubishi, the $723.08 that he spent on the rotors and four brand new tires.

To date, I am still having problems with the vehicle. The squeak is back, I have to push the brake all the way to the floor for the car to come to a full stop. The newest development is that, the vehicle sounds like a truck when I start it up. As far as I am concerned, I am driving a VERY UNSAFE VEHICLE. Therefore, I am requesting that you either replace the vehicle or dissolve my lease. I have attached a paper trail pertaining to my dealings with this dealership. Awaiting your response.

Sincerely yours, Aleksandra J. Thon, Ph.D.

2002 Mitsubishi Lancer (leased through Dan Georger Mitsubishi)

Prior to the following, I have been complaining about the brakes on my vehicle a number of times. The fact that the squeaking of the brakes was getting louder and more annoying, to the fact that when I attempted to brake during wet weather the car would hesitate before finally stopping, and at one point smoke was coming out from underneath the car, as witnessed by an officer in the village of Kenmore, NY


5:30 p.m Backing car into garage, brakes failed, car sustained damage. Passenger side front, paint scraped, side-view mirror plastic part broken off). (Note: I had the brakes pushed down to the floor; then

started pumping them and the car finally came to a stop) 6:00 p.m Arrived at Dan Georger Mitsubishi Dealership. Spoke with Myna, who in turn got a hold of Matt Georger (owner's son). Explained what had happened. Filled out a mini report. Matt obtained a car that I could use the next day. Left my car at dealer (also made arrangements to return car Friday, after work). Was told that they would contact me at work Friday morning.

4/23/04 Finger-pointing starts

9:05 a.m. Paul, from dealership, called to tell me that he found nothing wrong with the brakes. He then informed me that &#190 of the brake pad was worn off. When I asked why he did not inform me about the brake pads when I was in for the 13K mile check-up, Paul ignored my question and proceeded to tell me that my bill was for $161.00! When I insisted on an answer his reply was: "you would have still had to pay at that time". My response was that had he informed me that the brake pad was worn out I would have demanded that it be replaced then and there! Paul proceeded to say that I was hard on the brakes. My response: "then, there is a problem with the brakes, since I have to apply great pressure. Told Paul that I would like to speak to Matt.

9:30 a.m. I called Matt Georger, since Paul did not give him my message. Explained what had transpired in my conversation with Paul. Told Matt that I would not want to jeopardize our (7-year) customer-dealership relationship. Matt assured me that was the last thing that he wanted. Told

me that he would check the car and get back to me within the hour.

10:20 a.m. Matt called me at work to tell me that, "the service guys took the car for a long ride, starting and stopping. They had to press down on the brake more than normal. They looked at the brakes and found no problem. The pads are worn down." Again, I asked why Paul did not inform me that the brake pads were wearing out. Matt then told me that he would deduct $25 from the bill. My response - "Not my fault, I am not paying. Would you like me to call Mitsubishi directly?" Matt quickly told me that he would call Mitsubishi and see what he could do. Would call me in an


I am wondering why did I never have brake problems with my 1998 Mirage? My driving and braking has not changed, since I leased the 2002 Lancer!

1:25 p.m. Matt called. Went around in circles with me, stating, in his round-about way, that the brake failure was my fault. I was becoming very frustrated, due to the fact that he was not listening to what I had been saying. WHY WAS I NOT INFORMED, AT THE TIME THAT MY CAR WAS SERVICED, THAT MY BRAKE PADS WERE WEARING OUT??? WHY DID YOU WAIT TO TELL ME THAT MY PADS WORE OUT AFTER THE INCIDENT???? I may have been speaking to a brick wall at this point. Asked Matt whether I should get my attorney involved. He had no response, and, again, proceeded with his circular conversation. When I told him that I was becoming angry, he told me that he would do some more researching and have Dennis, the manager of the service department call


3:45 p.m. In a nutshell, the dealership is placing the blame on my shoulders. Kept insisting that there was nothing wrong with the brakes. Had Matt, place in writing, that my vehicle was safe to drive until the end of May, when it would get inspected and new brake pads put on. The customer refuses to pay for new brake pads due to the fact that I had not been informed, at the time of the 13K mile check-up and wheel alignment, that the pads were wearing out. I still don't know how the pads can wear out on a vehicle that has less than 15,000 miles on it? Once again, I go back to the Mirage - no problems with brake pads!!! We ended the conversation that I wanted to speak with his father on Monday. Matt told me that it would be better if I kept his father out of this. I was adamant that his father call

me Monday morning. 4/26/04

10:24 a.m. E-mailed these notations to Dan Georger.

3:30 p.m. Dan Georger called me. Anger in his voice. Telling me that there were no problems with the brakes, that I did not require a change in brake pads. (Alluded that I was at fault for the damage to the vehicle! And this coming from a man that had promised my father that he would "taker care of her as though she were my daughter"). That I should call my insurance company for the repairs. That everyone at the dealership was very nice to me. And, of course, he quoted a higher price for brake pads! Why, when he told me that I would not need brake pads? I have decided to sever all relations with Dan Georger and his dealership. I filed a formal complaint with the Mitsubishi Corporation against the dealership - faxed them a copy of this journal. 4:00 p.m. Called Monroe on Main Street, in Williamsville. Spoke to one of the mechanics. Explained what had transpired. He laughed. Told me I had been taken for a ride (overcharged) for many years. Should I require brake pads it would cost $80 not the $180 that Georger quoted! Also advised that I should bring in all the paperwork, from the dealer, as to what they had done to the vehicle in the three years of my ownership.


8:00 a.m. Made appointment with neighborhood garage (Cleve-Hill) for oil change. They inspected the vehicle. Was told that the two (2) rotors needed to be replaced and was I aware that I had four (4) bald tires. 1:00 p.m. Called Dan Georger, was connected to service dept. Told them what I had been told. Told me that I could not bring in car that day, I told them that I would bring the car in on Monday, November 29, 2004

11/25/04 Spoke with my Dad. Told him what had transpired with Dan Georger. He told me that he wanted to be there with me on Monday.


12:45 p.m. Met my father at Dan Georger. My father informed the staff, at the Mitsubishi dealer, that my vehicle was unsafe and he did not want me driving it. No one said a word. When my Dad inquired how it was possible that a vehicle under 21K miles could have both rotors broken and 4 bald tires, again no response. They just shrugged their shoulders. Always came back to what it would cost to repair it, that the car was not under warranty for this type of repair, etc. No one had any answers - they did not go out of their way to please the customer. 12/22/04

5:50 p.m. Called Mitsubishi Corporate. Finally spoke with someone who was able to assist me. Sylvia connected me with Bret, Vehicle Assistance. I went through the entire scenario. Mitsubishi does not want to accept responsibility; Yokamaha Tires did not want to accept responsibility. I told Bret that I would fax over everything to him the following morning (12/23/04).


8:00 a.m. Faxed paper trail to Bret. Awaiting to hear from him.

5:18 p.m. Dan Georger called me at home. There was anger and attitude in his tone of voice: DG: "I understand that you spoke with customer relations." AT: "Yes, I did." DG: "Come in during service hours and I'll go for a ride in your car." AT: "I cannot take time off from work" DG: "Well you will have to." AT: "Nope, won't happen. It's up to you to accommodate customers, not the other way around." DG: "Okay, then I will close this file stating that I called, gave you a chance and you don't want to take it." AT: "Oh, no! This file is far from being closed!" DG: "Oh, okay. Then come when it's convenient for you...during service hours. The man is a fool. I don't want him in my car; nor will I allow him to call me names!


1:15 p.m. Bret, from vehicle assistance, called me with my file #363228, stating that he would look into this matter.


11:00 a.m. Received call from Bob DeSimone, District Parts & Service Manager for Upstate NY & Maine. Told me that he "will take care of brakes & tires issue". Also stated that he would call West-Herr to get noise and gas smell checked. No one called me from West Herr. 2/2/05

11:30 a.m. Bob DeSimone called me from Dan Georger's stating that he "went through documentation" at Dan Georger. Nothing mentioned about the tires except a scrap piece of paper with a price quote. The only other item in my file was the 11/29/04 sales draft for the rotors in the amount of $401.49. Bob then proceeded to inform me that Dan Georger does NOT want me as his client any longer! Bob told me that he would call West Herr, again, and have them call me to make an appt. to check the car for noise and gas smell. Also, told me that my car is NOT eligible for the lemon law. In other words that's it for Mitsubishi Motors and Dan Georger. Once again, everyone attempting to cover their posteriors and wash their filthy hands off this matter.

2/3/05 Sent out letters to New York State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, Mitsubishi Motors, Yokahama Tire Company, requesting assistance I am only requesting that I either get another vehicle or be let out off my lease. I am not asking for the unexpected. Should I not receive satisfaction, I will then contact all newspapers, television and radio media in the Buffalo area, as well as go on the www internet. Aleksandra Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_73409# Consumer

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e9d4075a, 2008-05-03, 02:02PM CDT

I have also had problems with this dealership. Their service department is unexcusable, they treated me as a customers like garbage. I have had their Service Department Manager call me a liar, an idiot and blame me for his miscalculation of a service bill in my favor, also they charged a debit card without authorization. I filed a complaint within the dealership and never heard anything further. I had a great expierence at the dealership where I purchased my Eclipse in the Hudson Valley, and since coming to Dan Georgor have had nothing but problems with them and their service department. I wrote them a letter stating I would never return there, which they aparently never took seriously because they will still send letters to me for services. No thanks, I would have purchased another Mitsubishi, but will now look into other car manufactuors as a result of my expierence with Dan Georgor's dealership.

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