Dell Computers are a rip-off

Posted on Tuesday, February 22nd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by d74a70a8

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Dell Computers are a rip-off



Hello, I am writing this letter on behalf of my mother, Dorothy. She is 82 years old. She has never had a computer before and this experience with a Dell notebook, which cost her over $1,500 has been a TOTAL DISASTER!!! Our family will never buy any product by Dell again and we will be sure to tell everyone we know how unbelievably AWFUL Dell's service has been!

1. To start! Just the fact that I thought - "I'll bet those Dell people are sending Mom emails! Even though they have the computer! Sure enough.....

2. We (myself, my Mom and another relative) began calling Dell early this month. Dorothy's computer would not work. I spoke with many, many technical support people and many customer service people. Yet here is an email to a customer without a computer, asking for her phone number!! She, I and another person have given you that phone number SOoooooo many times already!!

3. Speaking with one representative; I was told that, because the phone line was filled with static, she would call me back. She took my name and phone number and I asked her to repeat it, which she did. We waited for 15 minutes. She never called back.

4. Between the three of us calling Dell, we spoke with many people, as I have mentioned. None of these conversations were fruitful and they were all exasperating because you have people ON THE PHONES who do not speak English very well!!! We speak English! This is an English speaking country - why in the world would all, or most, of your phone reps speak a different first language! That is ridiculous and extremely inefficient!

5. Finally, finally, after LITERALLY 4 days of 2+ hours each of the 4 days of calling and re-calling your service number and going through many, many tests with technicians and many phone transfers and holds which never made it - resulting in whoever was calling Dell to have to START ALL OVER on hold again - FINALLY a technician said we could send the computer back to Dell. She explained that I should call a certain toll free number, she gave me some type of confirmation number (may not be called that by Dell...) and I placed the call. I was told that someone would be bringing a box to my Mother's house within the next couple of days.

6. Four days later with no word from either Dell or any carrier, I called Dell's support number again. I was told to again call the toll free number of the carrier. The same number I had called when I was told someone would bring a box within 2 days. When I called that number, I was told that there was no record of my first call. I call the *confirmation* number and was told there was no record of that number. I asked if I could, once again, arrange for someone to bring the shipping box out and take the computer. I was finally told that their company did not service the remote area in which we live.... and to call Dell back.

7. I called Dell's customer service line. After speaking to two different people who transferred me back to technical support, as if my problem was still that the computer wouldn't work. I continued to explain that we were past that point and that I had a *confirmation* number to show we had been approved for the computer to go back to Dell. The reason that I was twice transferred was that the customer service representatives COULD NOT AND DID NOT UNDERSTAND ENGLISH well enough to understand what I needed from them.

8. After asking several times, I was finally allowed to speak with a supervisor. Miraculously, this woman arranged for a pick-up within 3 days and a carrier did actually come out.

9. I live next door to my Mom. I did not, nor did she, see the carrier's truck. He went to her house and she asked if she could box up the computer right then - so that he wouldn't have to make another trip. We are 70 miles from Rapid City, SD. He was extremely short and abrupt with this elderly and frail woman. He was upset that he had had to come this far out. He told her to call Dell and to LIE and say that he had not picked up the computer (when he was taking it right then) so that he would get another "ticket" from Dell. By then my Mom was frazzled with his complaints and now wanting her to lie and she actually was having trouble understanding what this strange man in her home wanted from her. She called me (as I said, I am right next to her house) but the carrier said he did not want to stop to talk to me. He did agree to speak to me on the phone. He told me the same thing - that he had hated to drive out this far and for me to call Dell and say that he had left a box and then Dell would send him a "ticket" to pick the computer up. He told me outright that he would keep the computer at his ?? whatever - his shop or place of business I assume.... until he received the extra "ticket" from Dell. This man did not ask us to lie - he TOLD us to. When he was explaining who I should call, I asked, "So you'll get paid for an extra trip that you're not making?" The carrier said, "Yes."

10. I called the number that this man had given me. I told the woman with a strong foreign accent what had happened. She did not understand at all!! She told me she was going to transfer me to technical support. I said, "NO!" The computer has already been sent back! I tried a third time to explain our situation. She did not ever seem to understand but she took my (not my Mom's) phone number and said a supervisor would be calling me back within 48 hours. She also took MY email address COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_73474# and repeated it back. She said SHE would email me another number about our conversation. Neither of those things happened.

11. The following week, my Mom received two phone calls from Dell. The first that the computer had been received and the second phone call, that it was 50% repaired. (??!!) She said both callers were very hard to understand. At the end of that week, she received another phone call saying that the computer was repaired and would be returned on Tuesday, Feb 15th. It wasn't.

12. My Mom called Dell herself two days after the computer was supposed to be delivered. After over TWO HOURS, mainly on hold of course, she was finally told that no one knew where her computer was. She was told that it may have been lost or stolen!

13. Dorothy (my Mom) called again the following day. After almost 3 hours on the phone, she was given the number of someone who "had" the computer. Supposedly, it was still at Dell. By this point, my Mom had become weak and ill. She has been very, very upset over all of this very hard to believe experience! She was bed-ridden then for 3 days.

14. She still does not know where her computer, which is still under warranty, is. She does not know what to do about this or who to call. However, I am going to send a copy of this letter to every Dell email address that I can find. I am also going to send it to the Attorney General and all of the local media outlets.

15. If you still need Dorothy phone number - and stop emailing her since she DOES NOT HAVE HER COMPUTER - it is . However, due to my Mother's age and frail condition and the upset that this has caused her, I am asking for you to call and email with me. I am Trisha , . Our postal mail comes to the same address: Enning, SD 57737.

Please reply.

Sincerely, Trisha

Click this link to e-mail the above consumer: COMPLAINTS.COM_FORM_MAIL_73475# Consumer


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0914a8b9, 2008-01-30, 10:19PM CST

Dell relies on misinformation, and ignorance. People make computers sound so incredibly complicated, yet they are incredibly easy to build.

Dell's latest "deal" is $560.00 but I built a computer that is EASILY 5 times better than that, for a grand total of $340.00

I added up the cost of the components they were using (cheapest crap available) and it amounted to $200.00

So... DO the math. Dell is a joke. They charge you more for an ultra low- end (1.6Ghz Celeron processor) than I paid for my 2.66Ghz Dual-Core Athlon. Go figure... They also charge $150.00 for 1Gb of 667Mhz RAM, and I only pay $30.00 for 2Gb of 800Mhz RAM at a local store.

SO, I built a 2.6Ghz dual-core machine, with an excellent motherboard, video card, and 4Gb of RAM for $340.00, compared to a crap 1.6Ghz Celeron, 1Gb of RAM, an operating system that RECOMMENDS MORE RAM THAN DELL SUPPLIED, and no video card.

1365cc58, 2008-03-10, 08:50PM CDT

Yeah I got a Dell XPS M1710 on a dell card.(Yeah I know I should have known better) The price of this computer was about 2500. After paying about 4000 on this computer its finally about paid off. I could have bought about 5 computers better than the one I currently have. Next time I think I will just go to Rent A Center at least they admit they are going to screw you at the get go!

321ced7b, 2008-08-29, 10:17PM CDT

Don't buy an optiplex. I've had nothing but trouble with it and even though I have an extended warranty, I'm having trouble with Dell honoring it. Marian a Dell tech from Nova Scotia was very rude with me and if she represents Dell, it is understandable why they have so many complaints. Everything is outsourced, it seems.

3b153a35, 2008-11-14, 05:55PM CST

Oh Trisha!!!!

We had the same or worse situation. We FINALLY have the box, but will not be mailing it back after your story. Our computer was only 20 days old when the hard drive crashed (according to my husband and Dell customer support in India). For anyone reading this, NEVER NEVER NEVER BUY DELL!!!!! Only buy locally(so you can physically return it if you need to) & get a service agreement. Never buy electronics online!!!! Nothing but time and trouble.

3991ca60, 2008-12-27, 01:34AM CST

TRisha, WE had a similar experience trying to buy a good PC for my grandfather to use .Dell lied from the start. They told us one price then TRIPLRD ity reson being"Added warranties".I never asked to buy an extended warranty which by the way, covers nothing anyway i found out. They harrased my father and were ruse becauses he is new to lerning email etc. It ruined his experience. They refused to return it of give credit for the mistakes such as no software like MS Works, which every basic one at Best BUy should have. I finally gave up and yes my computer crashed and Dell has no tech support. dell should be investigated by the govt. for misleading consumers and non disclosure. And the computer is built with used parts as well

8fd47480, 2009-01-01, 11:39AM CST


We can understand your frustration with them. Bought a laptop for an 11 year old for Christmas. The one thing that she REALLY wanted.

Christmas Eve, open it up to set it up so she can start usingit immediately. The screen just kept flashing. The LCD screen was no good. What good is a computer if you cannot see what you are doing?

Called Dell was passed to Tech Support after 3 transfers. Spoke with a rep that was hard to understand. Made me go through a series of things including hooking it up to a computer monitor in the house. He said the screen was bad and to send it back and they would fix it and resend it. The computer was purchased online brand new, why would I want them to fix it and send it back...that is like buying a refurbished computer for the price of a new. He said customer care was closed to call back in the morning (which would be Christmas). So Christmas morning we called back looking to get them to send us a new computer as we send this one back to us. We were on the phone for 3.25 hours, transferred 18 times, spoke to 19 people with no resolution. NO one had the authority to authorize the broken computer to be picked up and a new one sent. They just kept telling us to send it to be repaired, we don't have the good warranty so that is all they can offer us. I asked to speak to a supervisor, he was even more read then the million customer service reps I spoke with. I asked to be escalated ... he said there is a "Management Team" they would call me back in 30-48 hours...what is that? For real, 2 days. Well they never called. 3 of us spent 3 days and approximately 11 hours on the phone being transferred, hung up on, being asked for the same information every time we spoke with someone, having a hard time understanding their Indian reps and then having them get mad because we could not understand, they tried getting us to upgrade our computer or warranty and then they would send a new computer. If you can do it that way then you should be able to send it anyway. Customer Satisfaction! Needless to say and 11 year old got a non working computer for Christmas .... 2 days later we finally heard from Management who was a Joke and did not want to help or hear about the situation... They should really all sway from the scripts they are provided so they sound like a human with emotion sometimes and not a robot. Anyway, they said we could return it for a refund because we were within the return warranty. So we returned it after 4 days of much anguish and fustration as well as precious family holiday time spent fighting with Dell over a brand new piece of crap broken computer. Then we went to Best Buy bought a brand new working HP computer with more than what the Dell offered for $125 less and no financing cost. Dell has very poor customer service, poor business practice and their laptops are poor quality. They know it and they do not care. It would great to be a rep for them, get paid to sit on your but and ask for name, Express code (whatever they call the number), problem and then say oh I can't help you let me transfer you, or I need to put you on hold(not telling you it will be 30+ minutes before they will be back). Dell was the worst customer service experience I have ever had and I have had a few hairy ones with phone companies. At least they made immediate attempts to rectify the situation unlike Dell. My advice would be .... STAY AWAY FROM DELL. They have bad quality and bad attitudes to match.


072cd7e5, 2009-01-23, 11:05AM CST

Hi Trisha...Thanks for sharing your story, or should I say nightmare with dell. I so I understand your frustration with this company. Here is my story.

What a Nightmare! I bought a Dell XPS 710 about a year and a half ago. I've had this computer for 6 months. Had some problems with windows loading, would freeze up or just stay at the window logo, trying to load. Called Dell...or should I say India. After being on the phone for hours upon hours, first of all trying to understand what the heck they are saying to not getting anywhere. To make a long story short, they send me a new harddrive...lost everything I had on the comp. Put the new drive in, now 2 months later...they are sending another harddrive. Whats up with this???? How frustrating. All I can say is NEVER AGAIN. I'm getting this today, installing it, and getting rid of this piece of crap! Never, will I purchase or recommend a Dell to anyone. Stay away from them. They love throwing parts at you hoping to satisfy their customer. Well, I've had enough! Good riddens Dell!!!

Good luck to you, Bobbie

294e64c2, 2010-02-13, 01:07PM CST

I had my computer lock up and Dell told me I needed 2GM of memory, Norton 360, and the new window7 for a total of $400.00. They said to call back and they will walk me through installing them at no charge. A week later I called them back for the help they offered to find out they wanted to charge me for the service. So i tried to return the items, and spent one hour on the phone being pushed back and forth to finally be hung up on! What a greathonest company.

02a2c971, 2010-04-24, 11:01AM CDT

Well now I don't feel so bad. At least I know Dell was not just rude and difficult with me. I have similar nightmare experiences at every level and have been telling everyone I know NOT to purchase Dell because of the terrible customer service I received. I was in a computer store last week purchasing a part and someone had a Dell Computer in their cart. I walked up to them and told them my three week nightmare. They put it back on the shelf and purchased another brand. Three other people heard the story and did the same. Everyone should do this and finally get the attention of this company.

0f5b2bcd, 2010-04-24, 11:03AM CDT

Well now I don't feel so bad. At least I know Dell was not just rude and difficult with me. I have similar nightmare experiences at every level and have been telling everyone I know NOT to purchase Dell because of the terrible customer service I received. I was in a computer store last week purchasing a part and someone had a Dell Computer in their cart. I walked up to them and told them my three week nightmare. They put it back on the shelf and purchased another brand. Three other people heard the story and did the same. Everyone should do this and finally get the attention of this company.

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