My 1999 VW GTI VR6

Posted on Thursday, February 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 16159f5c

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My 1999 VW GTI VR6

I purchased my 1999 VW GTI from Deel Volvo/VW in South Miami, FL area. I purchased it as a certified used car back in October of 2001. I have had many probelms during the years I have owned it. As you will see in this little update:

April 08, 02: cruise control inoperable:cause- shorted brake light switch-replaced.

air conditioning not working: compressor and clutch replaced

rear view mirror leaked non-glare fluid: mirror replaced

April 22, 02: cruise control not operating: cruise control switch replaced

July 26, 02: fuel gas smell: replaced failed fuel pump and fuel module

Sep 16, 02: mil light on all the time: cause-air mass meter: faulty airflowmeter replaced

winshield washer inoperable: replaced broken washer hoses

door lock "beeping" mechanism not working: reprogramed locks

replaced both window clips and cables as per technical service notification

Nov 05, 02: replaced faulty fuel gauge sender unit

replaced faulty battery as per VWoA representative Jeff Schwaeber

April 22,03: failed headlight and failed taillight: both replaced

May 06, 03: mil light on all the time: cause- faulty Oxygen sensor: replaced

air conditioning not working: compressor, clutch and rings replaced

May 13, 03: air conditioner still not working: compressor, clutch and rings replaced again!

driver and passenger window clips, cables and "lifter" replaced again!

(see Sep, 02! technical service notification)

Oct 10, 03 fuel smell: cause-leaking fuel pump and fuel module: replaced AGAIN!! (see July, 02)

July 07, 04: battery failed again and a new one purchased!! again!!

I will tell you that I have NOT put all my problems on this list as I cannot find two more dates that I visited the dealer/repair shop. I have put my vehicle for sale on twice for a total of 60 days and have not had one offer. I have approximately $1,500.00 left on the loan and it will be mine. . . all mine.

The car is out of warranty and as I write this e-mail/posting, my air conditioning is not working AGAIN! and I'm going to a service garage on friday (today is wed, the 2nd of February).I am at my wits end with this car, and I urge anyone who is considering buying a Volkswagen to reconsider and buy another vehicle!!! I have read some postings on the internet and realize I am not alone.

I dread trying to trade my vehicle in for the purchase of another one, as I am sure the resale for this car is really low!! Is there any help for me with this vehicle???

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