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Posted on Thursday, February 3rd, 2005 at 12:00am CST by a0a4921a

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Network Solutions

Let me get this straight. You will not refund the money even though 1. It is not my domain Name and my money is used to fund the wrong account. 2. I am not the domain owner. 3. I have been looking up the law books for last couple of days and all the state laws are in my favor on this one. 4. The service in the contract is not provided to me. This feels like I am dealing with Third Class Company not the network solution that built the back bone on domain names. It has been stated that I should have a name of person refusing my claim. Can I be please be provided with a name? If it is legally possible for you to do so In the end I only wish to have my money back that does not belong to Network Solutions. As a customer it is my right to ask for money if I have not been provided with the service. I in this case The domain name renewed does not belong to me and was mistakenly put on my account. If you need further information I would be happy to speak with any representative to explain and solve this problem.

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Subject: Network Solutions Dear Mukarram Malik,

Unfortunately we cannot provide refunds for Domain names, E-mail boxes, Websites or Web Forwarding. To view our service agreement go to and click on service agreement at the bottom of the page. Once the registration period is over, however, you may choose not to renew the domain name and other value added services. It is our policy to not issue refunds for Domain names and other value added services registration/renewal fees once they have been paid.


Network Solutions Customer Support

Mukarram M

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