Braums ice cream store Preston road Dallas Texas

Posted on Wednesday, February 16th, 2005 at 12:00am CST by 36a95ea9

Company: Braums ice cream store Preston road Dallas Texas

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Braums ice cream store Preston road Dallas Texas

on Jan. 8 2005 my parents went into the braums store located on Preston road in Dallas. They purchased 2 banana splits for a total of 7.69. After eating their ice cream they decided to purchase some groceries. They waited at the grocery check out for about 10 minutes and noticed 6 people behind the ice cream counter waiting on customers there.

My mother approached what looked like the manager and asked if she could please get some help checking out the manager in a very angry voiced looked at my 60 year old mother and snapped " can't you see we're busy here" the district manager was contacted and she stated she would send some gift certificates and she was very sorry for the treatment they received.

Well 3 weeks later ( that was how long it took her to put them in an envelope) she send my parents a paltry 5.00 not even enough for them to have 2 more banana splits and no letter of apology at all.

Just placed in an envelope with no return address. I have since then attempted several times to contact upper level management both through their web sight and phone calls. They keep telling me someone will call but it does not happen . It is important to note there were only 3 customers in the ice cream line

Marjorie W

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56535bf4, 2008-06-13, 08:49PM CDT

On Saturday June 7, 2008, I was driving through Wichita, KS around 43rd and South Street and stopped in for a shake at Braum's. I am a diabetic, so I asked if I could have a sugar-free vanilla bean shake. At this store, they did not have enough on hand to make me a shake. So, while my friend was slurping down a sugary shake, I had none because I cannot have sugar. It was very disappointing.

96358a55, 2008-06-24, 04:37PM CDT

in June 2006, i went to the Braums located at 15th and Independence to purchase 2 gallons of milk and requested it to be double-bagged to support the 2 gallons. The cashier in the grocery mkt, threw a tantrum and told me that the bags wouldn't double bag and gave me the most absurd attitude and then shoved the bag to me. It was so infuriating. I told her that she was absolutely rude and couldn't understand why - possibly because she hated her job.

Absolutely disgusting attitude.

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